[ ♡ ] Romance & Murder

I used to be a pretty heavy reader but I haven’t been reading because I’ve been doing so many other things. I’ve recently started reading again and I went through 4 books this past weekend.

I usually buy them from Target or half price books so I don’t feel bad if the book turns out to be bad and then I turn around and sell it right back to half price books.

The first one I finished is called “Worth the Risk” by Nora Roberts.

There’s two books inside, both set in the south (hence the plantation house.) The first story is about two reporters who are insanely attracted to each other and also solving a recent murder crime about a swamp. I liked it in the beginning but then as it started to get more into the murder, I stopped liking it because I’m a wimp and don’t like scary stories. The second story is about an artist who goes and stays with a father daughter art duo and all the while he’s carrying a secret agenda to find a missing piece of art. The eccentricity of the everything that goes on just seems sort of fabricated and overall boring. Now I know why this book was on clearance for $1.

The second one I read is called “The Lady Most Likely….” By three authors

This one is a three part story written by three authors. Its premise is set around a country house party where a sister invites various ladies and lords to the party so that her brother can choose a bride but of course it’s a house party so they have to even out the numbers which means other men may also pursue any of the ladies there. The first story is on one of the guests, a beautiful but very shy girl who falls in love with a lord that had no desire to marry before he met her. His little sister is also insanely jealous of her beauty and hates her for taking up all the men’s attention. Petty. The second story is my favorite and its about an outspoken, independent young woman who almost gets kissed by the host’s brother when they rudely get interrupted by a man from her past, a captain in the army recently returned from war. Its apparent right away the two belonged together and have always loved each other. The third and worst story actually centers around the Host’s brother and how he falls in love with a widow he’s always known, which is foreshadowed at the beginning within the first few paragraphs. Nothing amazing. Overall I’d say don’t buy it, just borrow it to read the first two stories.

The third book I read is called, “After Dark with a Scoundrel” by Alexandra Hawkins.

This one is about a girl who grows up among a group of lords called, “the lords of vice” because her brother is the founder of the club. She gets banned to a ladies school when she’s 15 because her brother caught her kissing one of his friends, also she helped blow up the club kitchen. Years later she returns to live with her brother in his town home and guess who else is taking shelter there? The very same lord that got her banished. Of course you know what ensues, they fall in love. Overall it’s a pretty ok book. It’s not boring nor is it a literary delight on any level but it’s an afternoon read.

The last book I read is “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.

This one was recommended to me months ago by a coworker who read it in her book club. I forgot about it until it started popping up everywhere so I decided to pick it up when I went to half price books. I realize now I should’ve read some reviews and summaries before deciding to start it. I was maybe 40 pages through before I realized it would be a murder mystery and considered stopping but at that point I already felt so invested in it so I just kept trudging. On more than one occasion the book made me freak out but I had to know what happened so I finished it. Semi-spoiler alert: its about how a financial reporter is ordered to the outskirts of Sweden to write a book and solve the mystery of a missing granddaughter of a business mogul. He’s assisted by a woman who speacializes in finding information. That’s all I’ll say. The book moves sort of slowly like there are times when it spends pages just talking about how he spends his days reading and walking around. This may just be character development but I thought it unnecessary. Overall if you like thrillers and the sort, by all means read it, if you’re a wimp like me, stay away.

I will probably stop by the store sometime this week to find more books to read.

♡ PaNhia


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