[ ♡ ] Oscars 2011 – Hits & Misses

I did not watch the Oscars because I was reading but from what I heard, it wasn’t all that great anyways. James Franco was on something and wasn’t coherent most of the time is the general story I keep getting. Anyways, that’s not important because whats important is usually captured in numerous photos for us lazies regardless.

There’s so many dresses that I’m going to start out with the goods first. Remember these are my opinions and mine alone. Also I tend to let details get to me so one minor detail can make me hate or love the whole dress.

L to R: Cate Blanchett in Givenchy, Helen Mirren in Vivienne Westwood, Hilary Swank in Gucci

Most people will actually throw Cate’s soft purple (yes, its super light purple) gown into the dislike pile but I disagree. I loved it! The detailing and beading is beautiful! And I especially love that little yellow cluster of color on the shoulders. The only thing I did not like was the sleeves. I hate those sort of sleeves for myself and exaggerated like that just makes it look other worldly in a bad way but the uniqueness and beauty of the dress makes up for it. I love sleeves on the red carpet so Helen Mirren was just perfect. Its age appropriate yet still so lovely. Hilary swank looks alright in general but the dress is just to die for! Its nothing new in terms of design but I love the ombre effect at the bottom.

L to R: Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, Natalie Portman in Rodarte, Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

Since I have previously posted a picture of this elie saab dress as one of picks, there is no question that I would love it on the red carpet. But I love the whole look because her hair is just beautiful and elegant and she makes the dress something else because she isn’t the typical ethereal beauty that you’d expect in a dress like this. I like Natalie’s purple Rodarte for what it is. It’s a great color and it fits her pregnancy but I hate dresses that do that little thing in the front where it goes up a little to showcase the shoes. I hate that, it makes the dress look wedding reception-ish or 6th grade dance-ish. I also like the shape and design of Sandra’s dress. It is by no means exceptional but it fits and looks nice. The orange red tone is not my favorite. I usually like deeper, more burgundy reds.

L to R: Halle Berry in Marchesa, Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior, Celine Dion in Giorgio Armani Prive

The last of the goods. I love miss Halle’s sparkly concoction complete with tulle. That’s a dress I’d love to wear around the house! Nicole’s choice is also regarded as not the best but I love it. I love the intricate designs, I love the drama. And again, no surprise why I like celine’s dress, it has sleeves! And its also an amazing color and sheen.

Now onto the bads and let me tell you, there are plenty.

L to R: Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive, Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier, and Sharon Stone in Christian Dior

Reese looked like a anniversary Barbie, you know the ones that sell for $40 a pop. Its not ugly but not special. Also the hair and style of dress makes her look stout and not cute. Mandy Moore (why is she there anyways?) was overall cute but I don’t like dresses with that sheer nude cloth made to showcase the sequin work so that it looks like the sequins bleed into the skin. It reminds me of ice skating wear and that’s not an attractive category of clothing for me. Sharon stone had perhaps my worst dress of the night. It looks like a vulture died on her shoulder. And that fabric just looks cheap for some reason.

L to R: Reese again, Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein, Scarlett Johanson in Dolce & Gabanna

Reese was so bad I put her here twice, no jk, some photoshop glitch. Gwenyth’s dress looks like it belongs in a later star wars movie. I hate the color and cut combo and especially that little weird belt. Scarlett’s dress just did not belong there, maybe another time and place. The colors just too dark and the fit is off.

L to R: Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace, Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, Michelle Williams in Chanel

That color on Jennifer Hudson is off putting. Its not good on top of the carpet. And the cut is very promish. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is just plain not special. It’s a basic dress, nothing amazing. She looks like she might be strolling down the beach in Miami. Michelle William’s dress is also just hideous, she is an exception to my sleeve rule. The texture is just not cute.

L to R: Aishawarai in Giorgio Armani, Anne Hathaway in Valentino, Marisa Tomei in vintage Charles James

I love that Armani dress but it doesn’t fit her correctly, either that or the fabric is just too stiff. Anne’s dress looks nice from the back but ridiculous from the front. Marisa’s dress just has an ugly neckline which I think has to the with the fact that it may have been intended for someone with bigger breasts because it looks like its sitting too high up. I appreciate the dramatic effort on the bottom though. Also, I hate navy dresses on the red carpet.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Oscars 2011 – Hits & Misses”

  1. Rosie says:

    “It looks like a vulture died on her shoulder.” Favorite line from the entire post.

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