[ ♡ ] Gym Time!

One of the reasons why I’ve been really busy lately is because my friends and I have joined a gym and we’ve been going almost every single day weather permitting. I pretty much get home, get dressed then leave for the gym and don’t get home until 8 or 9 so I just don’t have that much time to do anything after getting home.

Its been really nice though because its become routine now and it gives us something sort of active to do rather than just sitting around and wondering what to do. I took some sneaky shots of the gym:

^fruits for sale!

^we got a free smoothie pass for bringing 3 other people on board with us over the phone!

^I got a berry something. It was alright, the seeds in the berries were alarmingly prominent.

It was a really simple process to join and pretty cheap. The facilities are new and nice. The locker room is sometimes very full but its very clean and modern. They have changing rooms, a sauna, pool, free classes, free tanning, and lots of machines.

The only drawback to the gym is that they make new members go through what they call an “orientation” where basically they hound you for an hour trying to sell you a personal training program. I actually got quite mad during my “orientation” because the guy trying to sell it to me was being such a pompous ass, talking to me like I’d die without his help. It was completely condescending and turned me off immediately. It’s like when religious groups think they’re you’re savior as if you were looking to be saved and if you don’t agree, well you’re probably going to hell. And when he started to realize that I was tuning him out and not liking his sales speech he said, “believe me, I know, I’ve been in the sales business for over 15 years..” and I was just thinking, omfg, seriously, you survived in sales this long? He was trying to sell me a program with scare tactics. I mean, what the hell, I come from a marketing and sales background, I am the last person to be talked or scared into doing something I haven’t researched myself. I was so irritated! And when he knew he was losing grasp on the situation, he asked me why I wont do it and I said I don’t want to pay for it and he goes, “well, what can you afford?” and I told him I wouldn’t pay more than $25 a month for personal training services and he calculated with his little computer program what $25 can get me and he goes, “great, you can do one 30 minute session a month” and proceeded to assume all was gravy. I was like, I am not paying an extra $25 a month to meet once for 30 minutes with a trainer. That is a complete waste of money.

Gosh I was so irritated, I almost went home to yelp my experience but then I remembered im not a member of yelp yet so I calmed down lol. But seriously, when trying to sell to people, you really shouldn’t treat them like they don’t have a brain. Maybe that works on a different crowd but if I was going to pay for personal training, it wouldn’t be for one 30 minute session a month.

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Gym Time!”

  1. Rosie says:

    I need a gym membership! I am so out of shape. 😦

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