[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Forever21 opening

A few weeks ago a new forever21 opened at a local mall so we decided to check it out after an early gym session on Saturday. We’ve been seeing signs for it for a while and I’ve been confused because usually when they’re renovating a space in the mall for a new store they have the doors covered with drywall and a huge sign that says: x store, coming soon, look here for employment opportunities. The thing with this opening though was that it had this wall thing in two places, upstairs on one side of the mall and downstairs on the other side of the mall. For the longest time I thought they were opening two stores, like a main store and an accessory or mens store but lo and behold, I was wrong! The store is just so big that it has its own escalators and extends all the way to the other side of the mall with its own extra set of doors! Can you believe that? I’ve heard this is the biggest forever21 store to open yet but those rumors have not been confirmed.

Here is a shot of the store from the doors at the bottom floor in the southeast side of the mall. As you can see, it has escalators inside the store.

They have every forever21 line there including mens but its organized in a cube fashion where the store is split into squares for each line. You go upstairs and there is just more clothes! Its really overwhelming especially on opening day when there are tons of people and tons of clothes.

They have 3 dressing rooms, and 3 giant cash register areas, 1 downstairs and two upstairs. Their accessories area was sort of disappointing because they split it up into two sections with one being on one side of the escalators and one on the other. I barely bought anything because I got stressed out trying on clothes due to the sheer volume of people. They even had tons of sales associates. They were asking me left and right if I needed anything. It just felt too crowded.

After shopping, we took a much needed break and had lunch at Macaroni grill. I got a yummy pasta.

Then we went to marshalls to look for gym clothes and while in the fitting room I spotted something cute:

Behind the hooks, they have signs for you to organize your tries. They say: possibly, definitely and tomorrow. Isn’t that cute?

Bonus pic: I saw this sticker on a car and took a sneaky shot

It’s a breast cancer support sticker that says “save the tatas” lol isn’t that funny!

♡ PaNhia


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