[ ♡ ] Grammys 2011 & goodie bags

I was going to dedicate a full post to Grammys fashion but I was unimpressed with 90% of the red carpet so I decided to just post the two outfits I did like.

Jennifer’s dress is I think most befitting for an event like the grammys. I always get frustrated when I see super fancy ball gowns at less fancy events or super short stripper frocks at grand events which is why I love her outfit. I also liked Lea Michele’s outfit and I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I just don’t like her all that much so I always end up trying to talk myself out of liking her outfits! Lol, childish I know. I don’t have a reason for not liking her, maybe her character on glee? I don’t know I just don’t like her like I like other celebrities who I’ll never meet. I do have to admit (albeit very grudgingly,) that she is almost always dressed the best because she chooses fashionable, beautiful but fresh and modern pieces. Gahh, I have to stop saying nice things about her.

I’ve also been meaning to post these two baggies!

A lovely satchel by Victoria Beckham, simple and durable looking.

I can’t help loving satchels and this Valentino one just plopped right into my dream bag list.

Credits: eonline, Designer handbag review blog

♡ PaNhia


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