[ ♡ ] S/S Couture Love – Elie Saab & Christian Dior

I cannot get over these beautiful dresses. I’ve always loved Elie Saab dresses and how beautifully and intricately they’re made.

I love the color and folds and twist on this purple dress. The layers on this green dress is beautiful but I’m not into that color so much. I love the draping at the hip on that last dress. It just falls so beautifully!

I really love the twisted front of this white dress and how it just fits so nicely. I’ve been really into blush tone clothes lately so these last two dresses are right up my alley. I love the shoulder part on the second dress and the hip draping on that last dress. I have slimmer hips so I always appreciate a nice hip drape to give more volume.

I’m never disappointed with Christian Dior’s couture shows and this year did not disappoint. I love the way the collections are beautiful modern renditions of classic, vintage styles. If it were up to me, I’d have us all go back to a time where clothes looked like this. Here are my picks.

I notice this fading effect that went into a lot of the collection and usually I hate fading and ombre effects on clothes and everything in general but the colors just bleed into each other and the design so perfectly and effortlessly I can’t complain. I love the use of red and black layers to create that first look. I’m a career woman now so I love work clothes that are more than a button down and cardigan. Those two last pieces would be my ideal work wardrobe.

I’m not big on tail pieces but don’t these just look beautiful and fitting. It reminds me of vintage barbies. I would also add that last piece to my work wardrobe.

Beautiful evening dresses. Enough said.

And a bonus fashion piece

Cherry & Ananda at a Modeling Award Show. Her gold/yellow dress is just perfect.

Credit: Style.com and Lynn’s Lakorn Blog
♡ PaNhia

4 Comments on “[ ♡ ] S/S Couture Love – Elie Saab & Christian Dior”

  1. All those Elie Saab dresses are gorgeous! I’m always in love with Christian Dior Couture! Pure perfection!

  2. ANNIE says:

    LOVE Elie Saab…
    these dresses are amazing!

  3. sugarmouse says:


    loooove. thanks for sharing. (totally almost drooled.)

  4. Millou says:

    Gorgeous dresses! At times like these, I really wish I was taller. So I can at least try them on =,=

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