[ ♡ ] Ending January with a Bang! – Visit from the boyfriend & Kay’s birthday weekend

This weekend has been crazy packed and every minute was spent doing something. My boyfriend came into town on Thursday so the weekend started early and on a great note! We went to dinner at Akita for all you can eat sushi.

In the middle of it the electricity went out for about a minute and someone said, “watch out for ninjas.” Lol, I don’t know if its supposed to be little jab at asian stereotypes but it was funny.

^Here’s lukous looking studious at Borders.

We had dinner with Lukous’ parents on Friday for his dad’s dinner and also grabbed some bubble tea. Here is us at the steapery.

After dinner, he went to a party and I drove to kay’s birthday slumber party a few cities away to hang out with the girls. I thought I’d be late because I got there around 7 but 3 people stll came after me so it was all good:) Here are some captured moments.

^truth or dare!

Saturday we went to 508 for Kay’s 2nd day of celebrations and a lot of people came out. It was pretty fun and packed!

Sunday was a little more relaxed. We had lunch with his parents and then dinner at Chianti Grill. For lunch we were supposed to have Pho but the place we were supposed to eat at was closed so we went to Hmong Village to grab some food. Lukous and his parents had pho but I wanted food so I found a stall and ordered sausage and rice but the rice was so cool! It was really bright purple. Usually purple sticky rice is a light purple or a dark almost black purple but this one looked like the they added too much food coloring to the batch.

On our way out, we found this booth that made model replicas of old Hmong villages. They’re super cute and detailed. If you look, theres people in the there that are actually painted to wear hmong clothes.

Later we went to Chianti Grill for our sort of Valentines dinner because we won’t see each other during Valentines weekend. It was super delicious. I got a yummy steak and veggies and he ordered chicken marsala with mushrooms and alfredo. It was sooooo good!

I forced him to take a heart picture with me 🙂

And finally our last day together, Monday. We had breakfast at Tay Ho and then went to grab some coffee before going to the airport but it was too packed in Carribou so we went to the MCDs next door and got two drinks for half the price!

^where we were supposed to go

^where we ended up

Yummy coffee

It was an awesome weekend! 2011 started out sort of lamely due to the weather and delayed new years party but this past weekend made up for it. Thanks for coming to see me, 143! Lol!

♡ PaNhia


4 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Ending January with a Bang! – Visit from the boyfriend & Kay’s birthday weekend”

  1. Suana Yang says:

    Seem so fun! So where your boyfriend from since you say he came in town to visit you? 😀

  2. Rosie says:

    I knew I should’ve gone rock climbing. No, I didn’t necessarily have to babysit Penny but it was just the guys that went rock climbing so I decided not to go. I guess they came to the bar afterwards. I didn’t know. How was the night?

    • Rosie says:

      P.S. There is a new sushi restaurant near the Maplewood mall. They have lunch buffet and its good! I like it a lot more than Akita’s. It’s called Osaka Sushi & Hibachi, near Toys R Us.

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