[ ♡ ] Oscars 2011 – Hits & Misses

I did not watch the Oscars because I was reading but from what I heard, it wasn’t all that great anyways. James Franco was on something and wasn’t coherent most of the time is the general story I keep getting. Anyways, that’s not important because whats important is usually captured in numerous photos for us lazies regardless.

There’s so many dresses that I’m going to start out with the goods first. Remember these are my opinions and mine alone. Also I tend to let details get to me so one minor detail can make me hate or love the whole dress.

L to R: Cate Blanchett in Givenchy, Helen Mirren in Vivienne Westwood, Hilary Swank in Gucci

Most people will actually throw Cate’s soft purple (yes, its super light purple) gown into the dislike pile but I disagree. I loved it! The detailing and beading is beautiful! And I especially love that little yellow cluster of color on the shoulders. The only thing I did not like was the sleeves. I hate those sort of sleeves for myself and exaggerated like that just makes it look other worldly in a bad way but the uniqueness and beauty of the dress makes up for it. I love sleeves on the red carpet so Helen Mirren was just perfect. Its age appropriate yet still so lovely. Hilary swank looks alright in general but the dress is just to die for! Its nothing new in terms of design but I love the ombre effect at the bottom.

L to R: Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, Natalie Portman in Rodarte, Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

Since I have previously posted a picture of this elie saab dress as one of picks, there is no question that I would love it on the red carpet. But I love the whole look because her hair is just beautiful and elegant and she makes the dress something else because she isn’t the typical ethereal beauty that you’d expect in a dress like this. I like Natalie’s purple Rodarte for what it is. It’s a great color and it fits her pregnancy but I hate dresses that do that little thing in the front where it goes up a little to showcase the shoes. I hate that, it makes the dress look wedding reception-ish or 6th grade dance-ish. I also like the shape and design of Sandra’s dress. It is by no means exceptional but it fits and looks nice. The orange red tone is not my favorite. I usually like deeper, more burgundy reds.

L to R: Halle Berry in Marchesa, Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior, Celine Dion in Giorgio Armani Prive

The last of the goods. I love miss Halle’s sparkly concoction complete with tulle. That’s a dress I’d love to wear around the house! Nicole’s choice is also regarded as not the best but I love it. I love the intricate designs, I love the drama. And again, no surprise why I like celine’s dress, it has sleeves! And its also an amazing color and sheen.

Now onto the bads and let me tell you, there are plenty.

L to R: Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive, Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier, and Sharon Stone in Christian Dior

Reese looked like a anniversary Barbie, you know the ones that sell for $40 a pop. Its not ugly but not special. Also the hair and style of dress makes her look stout and not cute. Mandy Moore (why is she there anyways?) was overall cute but I don’t like dresses with that sheer nude cloth made to showcase the sequin work so that it looks like the sequins bleed into the skin. It reminds me of ice skating wear and that’s not an attractive category of clothing for me. Sharon stone had perhaps my worst dress of the night. It looks like a vulture died on her shoulder. And that fabric just looks cheap for some reason.

L to R: Reese again, Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein, Scarlett Johanson in Dolce & Gabanna

Reese was so bad I put her here twice, no jk, some photoshop glitch. Gwenyth’s dress looks like it belongs in a later star wars movie. I hate the color and cut combo and especially that little weird belt. Scarlett’s dress just did not belong there, maybe another time and place. The colors just too dark and the fit is off.

L to R: Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace, Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, Michelle Williams in Chanel

That color on Jennifer Hudson is off putting. Its not good on top of the carpet. And the cut is very promish. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is just plain not special. It’s a basic dress, nothing amazing. She looks like she might be strolling down the beach in Miami. Michelle William’s dress is also just hideous, she is an exception to my sleeve rule. The texture is just not cute.

L to R: Aishawarai in Giorgio Armani, Anne Hathaway in Valentino, Marisa Tomei in vintage Charles James

I love that Armani dress but it doesn’t fit her correctly, either that or the fabric is just too stiff. Anne’s dress looks nice from the back but ridiculous from the front. Marisa’s dress just has an ugly neckline which I think has to the with the fact that it may have been intended for someone with bigger breasts because it looks like its sitting too high up. I appreciate the dramatic effort on the bottom though. Also, I hate navy dresses on the red carpet.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Long Weekend – Outings, Innings & lots of eating!

Here’s a quick recap of this past weekend. Friday was my little sister’s benefit showcase that they’ve been organizing for months. It was actually quite an accomplishment for them because it was organized and put on by three highschoolers and sponsored by their NHS. They rented the whole auditorium, printed their own tickets, held open auditions, and set everything up. Overall it went pretty well, there were some tech problems but they made a lot of money and its all going to CHAT, an organization that fosters and helps develop hmong youth art and talent. They even got some popular community performers to come by. Here are some shots:

Lineup of all the performers

We went to perkins after for some celebratory dinner.

And heres a sneaky shot of two young highschool lovebirds lol

Saturday was a lazy day for me. I literately sat all day and watched action films on fx. I started out with watching the end of “Triple X, State of the Union.” I really liked the shooting sequence at the end in the whitehouse! Then I watched Babylon A.D. and for the first 75% of the movie, it was really cool because its set in 2000something and the world just looks so chaotic. The first scene was like an aftermath of war, dilapidated towns, everyone walking around with their own weapons, cooking with tin pieces on the streets, and then it turns out that’s just how that country is. The US still looks like the US, etc. It was basically about a guy who is paid to deliver a girl and her caretaker across the atlantic and into New York for unexplained reasons. Lets just say the end was so unbelievably stupid, it ruined the rest of the movie. Then I watched eagle eye and nagged my boyfriend to tell me the ending in which he did and I didn’t believe a computer was to blame but then the end comes around and lo and behold, a computer was to blame. Then I watched the best movie of the day, Air force one! I’ve seen it many times but never the whole way through! It saved the day! I also made some yummy bibimbap

As you can see, sunny side up is not my specialty.

Sunday was a little more exciting. I took my mom and sisters to a Korean buffet. My mom has since decided Korean is not her thing.

First, here’s me.


Then we went to the Mall so my mom can return some stuff. Here she is trying on sunglasses.

Then I came home and read Stieg Larsson’s first book until 12 AM and finished. Review on that later.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases & Nudey Peach Nails

I made a quick stop at Ulta yesterday and came away with some NYX lip products. I’m disappointed in most of them though so I’ll only be keeping the lipliner.

I’ve learned to never makeup shop at night because natural light really helps you choose colors. I chose a baby pink, orange, and a nudey rose color for the lipsticks and a purply pink lipliner. After trying it on, I really only want to keep the lipliner. The pink goes on almost white on my lips and the orange is more frost than color. The nude is nice but is the same color as my lips. Also the smells on the pink and orange are beyond what I can stand. I might keep the nude as well since it goes on smoothly but the color just doesn’t do anything for me.

I also stopped by walmart to grab some men’s ts for the gym

In other news, I did my nails yesterday! I used a nude peach tone color from the faceshop

It’s really cute but does not go on smoothly.

I also took some shots of my lunch and snacks!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Forever21 opening

A few weeks ago a new forever21 opened at a local mall so we decided to check it out after an early gym session on Saturday. We’ve been seeing signs for it for a while and I’ve been confused because usually when they’re renovating a space in the mall for a new store they have the doors covered with drywall and a huge sign that says: x store, coming soon, look here for employment opportunities. The thing with this opening though was that it had this wall thing in two places, upstairs on one side of the mall and downstairs on the other side of the mall. For the longest time I thought they were opening two stores, like a main store and an accessory or mens store but lo and behold, I was wrong! The store is just so big that it has its own escalators and extends all the way to the other side of the mall with its own extra set of doors! Can you believe that? I’ve heard this is the biggest forever21 store to open yet but those rumors have not been confirmed.

Here is a shot of the store from the doors at the bottom floor in the southeast side of the mall. As you can see, it has escalators inside the store.

They have every forever21 line there including mens but its organized in a cube fashion where the store is split into squares for each line. You go upstairs and there is just more clothes! Its really overwhelming especially on opening day when there are tons of people and tons of clothes.

They have 3 dressing rooms, and 3 giant cash register areas, 1 downstairs and two upstairs. Their accessories area was sort of disappointing because they split it up into two sections with one being on one side of the escalators and one on the other. I barely bought anything because I got stressed out trying on clothes due to the sheer volume of people. They even had tons of sales associates. They were asking me left and right if I needed anything. It just felt too crowded.

After shopping, we took a much needed break and had lunch at Macaroni grill. I got a yummy pasta.

Then we went to marshalls to look for gym clothes and while in the fitting room I spotted something cute:

Behind the hooks, they have signs for you to organize your tries. They say: possibly, definitely and tomorrow. Isn’t that cute?

Bonus pic: I saw this sticker on a car and took a sneaky shot

It’s a breast cancer support sticker that says “save the tatas” lol isn’t that funny!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Gym Time!

One of the reasons why I’ve been really busy lately is because my friends and I have joined a gym and we’ve been going almost every single day weather permitting. I pretty much get home, get dressed then leave for the gym and don’t get home until 8 or 9 so I just don’t have that much time to do anything after getting home.

Its been really nice though because its become routine now and it gives us something sort of active to do rather than just sitting around and wondering what to do. I took some sneaky shots of the gym:

^fruits for sale!

^we got a free smoothie pass for bringing 3 other people on board with us over the phone!

^I got a berry something. It was alright, the seeds in the berries were alarmingly prominent.

It was a really simple process to join and pretty cheap. The facilities are new and nice. The locker room is sometimes very full but its very clean and modern. They have changing rooms, a sauna, pool, free classes, free tanning, and lots of machines.

The only drawback to the gym is that they make new members go through what they call an “orientation” where basically they hound you for an hour trying to sell you a personal training program. I actually got quite mad during my “orientation” because the guy trying to sell it to me was being such a pompous ass, talking to me like I’d die without his help. It was completely condescending and turned me off immediately. It’s like when religious groups think they’re you’re savior as if you were looking to be saved and if you don’t agree, well you’re probably going to hell. And when he started to realize that I was tuning him out and not liking his sales speech he said, “believe me, I know, I’ve been in the sales business for over 15 years..” and I was just thinking, omfg, seriously, you survived in sales this long? He was trying to sell me a program with scare tactics. I mean, what the hell, I come from a marketing and sales background, I am the last person to be talked or scared into doing something I haven’t researched myself. I was so irritated! And when he knew he was losing grasp on the situation, he asked me why I wont do it and I said I don’t want to pay for it and he goes, “well, what can you afford?” and I told him I wouldn’t pay more than $25 a month for personal training services and he calculated with his little computer program what $25 can get me and he goes, “great, you can do one 30 minute session a month” and proceeded to assume all was gravy. I was like, I am not paying an extra $25 a month to meet once for 30 minutes with a trainer. That is a complete waste of money.

Gosh I was so irritated, I almost went home to yelp my experience but then I remembered im not a member of yelp yet so I calmed down lol. But seriously, when trying to sell to people, you really shouldn’t treat them like they don’t have a brain. Maybe that works on a different crowd but if I was going to pay for personal training, it wouldn’t be for one 30 minute session a month.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Look of the day – this past weekend

– Tarte Jewel Palette for eyes
– NYX lipgloss in natural
– Stila smudge pot in black
– MUFE smokey lash
– Nars Mata Hari blush
– Lorac highlighter

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] What defines you – fashion, fun, elgegance

A while ago I stumbled upon this site where people posted up a picture of all the essential items that define their look (click here). I bookmarked it and finally got back around to exploring it yesterday and I thought, “cool, I should do this too!”

So here is mine:

• Vogue – my go to magazine, I love the spreads and articles
• Stila palette – these are my go to colors, neutrals and purples
• Moleskin notebook – I write anything and everything in here. I’m nearing the end of this one so I’ll be dropping by borders for a new one soon
• Fancy dress and belt – I love elegant, beautiful pieces that are feminine but not overtly frilly and girly
• Belt and statement necklace – I like pretty, interesting pieces but I don’t want my statement necklace to take over my entire outfit
• Magazine ripout of a closet – I have a closet obsession. Whenever I see nice closets I rip it out or save a copy. I just think if your clothes had a nice home, you can see it all come together more easily
• Makeup and brushes – I’m a strong believer of investing in good quality makeup and brushes, especially brushes. You don’t need to shell out hundreds for a brush set but collect a little at a time and you’ll find your makeup goes on much smoother.
• Skincare – I also believe in preventative skincare. I’m in my early twenties and have already started using anti-wrinkle creams. Call me whatever you want, better to prevent and ease your way into aging then freak out about it later
• Primers – I spend quite a bit of money on primers but I wholly believe in their powers so I don’t feel bad
• Gloves – were it possible, I’d love us all to go back to a time where beautiful gloves were worn day in and day out
• Perfume – I love the smell of this tresser one because it’s a floral, musky, sensual mix without any citrius notes
• Ipod & phone – my ipod is my gym companion and the only source of gaming I get and my phone is my watch
• Romance novel – I always read regency era novels because again, I’d love to be transported back to a time where women took care of themselves as an art form and dancing in ballrooms was a Tuesday evening
• Magazine ripout – this picture defines a perfect day for me with my large satchel, dark sunglasses, cup of coffee and a magazine
• My planner – I got this in LA in koreatown but its just one of many. Since I came back from korea I’ve been buying and using these cute planners nonstop. They’re helpful for planning but as I mostly only use the monthly section for jotting down dates and the daily section for writing down my gym action, its mostly to look at and be reminded of the cute in the world 🙂

If anyone would like to, you should do this post too and send me a link to yours!

♡ PaNhia