[ ♡ ] Ok, I’ll give in and watch you

I haven’t paid much attention to the theaters lately since nothing good has come out and I especially ignored Country strong but then I saw this on youtube and am now convinced I must watch it.

Leighton Meester & Garrett Hedlund – Give Into Me

I’m gonna wear you down
I’m gonna make you see
I’m gonna get to you
You’re gonna give into me

I’m gonna start a fire
You’re gonna feel the heat
I’m gonna burn for you
You’re gonna melt for me

Come on, come on
Into my arms
Come on, come on
Give into me

You’re gonna take my hand
Whisper the sweetest words
And if you’re ever sad
I’ll make you laugh
I’ll chase the hurt

My heart is set on you
I don’t want no one else
And if you don’t want me
I guess I’ll be all by myself

Come on, come on
Into my arms
Come on, come on
Give into me

I’ll use my eyes to draw you in
Until I’m under your skin
I’ll use my lips, I’ll use my arms
Come on, come on, come on
Give into me

Give into me
Give into me

There is just something basic and beautiful about this song that is really pulling at my heartstrings (and pursestrings.) I’m trying to hold off and wait until it comes out on dvd but who knows, if I find myself looking for something to do, I might drop in and catch it for this scene. I also have a huge girl crush on Leighton Meester.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Welcome to my lair, sort of

So I moved into my new office the other day and I’m working on the décor. It feels kind of weird to be in a different place now that I’m used to where I was in the front office. My biggest concern with moving is that I can’t see people coming in the front anymore and that’s a problem because I’m the only one there in the morning so I usually keep the door locked and open it when people come in. I’ve found in the past two days that I can’t hear when people knock on the main door from my new room so I have to keep the door open now which of course turns on my survivor instincts and make me on edge all the time—what if some psycho comes through the unlocked door and I don’t know until they get to me in my office? My solution? A bell. Yes, a bell. I’ll hang it like a cow bell over the door so when the door opens, I’ll always be alerted to it. Anyways, here is the two views of my bare office:

What you see as you go enter in from the left. I just have two desks, a set of drawers, a fake topiary plant and random office stuff. As you can see, the painting is not done either but I’m thinking of changing the color so that’s ok. I used to have three desks but I moved one to the other side.

Here is the view of the other wall from where I sit with the 3rd desk that will be soon moved out:

I decided I would photoshop my potential room décor in so I visualize what to do with all the empty space. I started out with making the desk and printers disappear.

I basically just want to add in a huge framed mirror, a corner table and a large ulpholstered chair. In the following versions I’ve done some photoshoping to see what color scheme I like.

^I’m leaning towards this last one because I have this beautiful painting in gray purples and pinks that I want to use as my color scheme.

I also photoshopped the other wall where I sit. I want big bookshelves behind my desk with some artwork on top but if I don’t get bookshelves then I want a buffet style table in the back and a large painting. I’m actually going to paint my own canvas but I haven’t decided what yet. I’m leaning towards the lovely CC’s because I love a little pinch of fashion everywhere.

I didn’t photoshop some of the wall space because we’re not allowed to paint those portions.

I promise next time I post pictures of my office up, it will be the real thing 🙂

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Liner Lust – Urban Decay’s 15th anniversary 24/7 liner set


I’ve been working really hard to stop myself from ordering this baby since it went on sale again a while ago. I’m still debating with myself. I really want it but have no real need for it. In fact I don’t even like the liners all that much but I keep thinking, “it’s a really good deal, what if I want it some day?” lol, I’m such a sucker for combo packs, you have no idea.

And I’m not really even a fan of the liners because I haven’t used them enough to have a passion for them. I’ve only tried it once this past week and didn’t feel any magic or anything. I don’t know. I will probably debate with myself a little bit longer before making a decision.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] MN Beauty Raina Hein

I stumbled upon some Minnesota blogs the other day and eventually got to a blog by Raina Hein and I was super excited to read about her because she was one of my all time favorite America’s Next Top Model Finalists from her season. In fact, I distinctly remember her being my favorite because she is not only from MN but I also fell in love with her wolf eyes. You’ll see what I mean in the following pictgures.

This was the reason I fell in love with her:

After reading for a bit I’ve learned that she has been signed to a Minnesota Agency and has been doing some modeling since for which I’m glad because I totally thought she should’ve won. A face like hers doesn’t come around often and I’m happy that she’s getting to live out her dream. Here are a few more pictures of her.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Goodies from Korea – Etude, Holika Holika, Missha, Skinfood

My friends arrived from their Korea trip a few days ago bringing back a goodie bag for me. Before they left, I gave them a thorough list of what I wanted complete with brand, name, description, Korean price, US price, where they can find it and a picture of the products (LOL, I know.) Choua did a very good job of finding everything for me. Here are some shots of what I got:

The goods arrived in a Holika Holika Bag but I transferred them to this aerie bag after giving some of the stuff to my sisters.

The receipts. I love the smell of a fresh Korean cosmetic receipt 🙂

2 packs of face masks from Holika Holika. There’s 5 in each pack so I have 10 total. Each set was only 5000 won which is about $4. I’m excited to try these out.

Some stickers with a funny little note 🙂

My most anticipated item: Etudes O2 white toners. I actually got 3 but gave one to my sister. I bought this when I went to Korea two years ago and really fell in love with it but didn’t want to pay the US price for it. It’s about $20 not including shipping and handling if you order it online but it was only 13000 Won in Korea which is like $10.50 US dollars so I just saved over $30 on three.

Here is what it looks like. My old one is on the right and the new one is on the left. I like the old bottle better.

I also got a gel liner from Skinfood in brown. I got this in brown because a regular brown color like this wasn’t included in the smudge pot stila set.

The other item I was really excited to get, Missha Oil wipes. I got these because they’re super cheap compared to the clean & clear ones. The Clean&Clear oil wipes are about $5 for a pack of 50 wipes. Each of these are 2200 won and I got 10 packs. That’s about $1.75 a piece which is a great deal! They’re more expensive than they were before though. When I bought them two years ago, they were only 500 won (40 cents.) It’s ok though because overall it’s still a better deal.

I also got two cute planners!

And finally some samples. Some are not pictured because I gave them away. Samples are my favorite part of Korean shopping.

Getting all these things just make me want to shop in Korea! I’m so excited to start planning my trip!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Instant Memories – Karaoke & Bollywood Training

I’ve taken a few more pictures with my Fujifilm Instax Camera. I’m still amazed whenever the pictures come out.

This is how I’m currently keeping my camera safe lol. It’s not ideal. The bag is from an Ulta gift set a few years ago from my friend PH. As you can see, the camera pokes out over the top. I am looking for a real camera bag.

Pictures from our cousins night at my sister’s apartment. They’re doing a bollywood dance in the 2nd shots.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 01/12/11 Collective Haul

As I’ve been busy, I haven’t been posting my hauls. Here are some quick shots of the results of my shopping excursions in the last two weeks.

First from VS

I couldn’t resist the $2.99 panties deal so I got a few over two trips. I also got some basic tights for $3 each.

From Forever21

I got two pairs of tights, a thick grey wool pair and an olive green pair. I also got this cool ring set with four fitting rings and alternating designs.

From Charlotte Russe

I just got two rings for $8. The bird one I got for my sister who is modeling it. Its super cute and big. I also got this interlocking ring.

From H&M

I couldn’t resist the two blazers. The first one is a coraly pink blazer for $35. The second blazer is a while thin blazer for $20. I also feel in love with this blush tone blouse. It’s thin and loose and reminds me of the shirt I bought from Korea two years ago. I’m looking for more blouses of this style but in white. I also got a pair of black cargo skinnies not pictured here for $10.

That’s all for my purchases. I actually shopped Target a lot in the past few weeks but I just bought a ton of medicine because I am of course sick again. Oh well, at least I got a week break before it started up again and if it gets worst, at least I now have health insurance again so everything is gravy in my book! Till my next shopping trip then,

♡ PaNhia