[ ♡ ] Golden Globe Fashion Picks – 2011

I’m actually pretty disappointed with the fashion turnout this year at the Golden Globes. I only really liked two looks, Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway and they’re both very similar.

I just love Angelina, she can do no wrong in my eyes. Her choice of dress is both stylish and the perfect color for her. I think most people would look weird or matronly in a dress like that so I give her props.

My favorite dress of the night though, goes to Anne. It’s the perfect color for that style and it turned out beautifully.

I also liked Olivia Wilde’s dress but it reminds me of a dress Camerion Diaz wore a long time ago meshed with one of Miley Cirus’s dresses.

And then I have one more love piece of the night: Megan fox. Her dress wasn’t amazing but it matched her perfectly. What I really loved though was her makeup.

I love people with dark hair and light eyes, its so exotic.

Hopefully the Oscars will yield more dress love.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchase – Hair dryer shopping

Yesterday I went out to look for a new hair dryer because mine broke. So I decided to go to Walmart instead of Target this time because I’ve been to Target a lot and I just feel like I’ve been giving them too much money lately. I literately stood there for 30 minutes debating about which hair dryer to get. I can safely say, I know nothing about hair dryers and what makes a good one so I had no basis on which to compare them. I looked at watts first and they’re all the same so then I looked at prices and they’re all comparable from $15-$30 so that didn’t help. I even facebooked my dilemma. I then thought maybe the more attachments that came with, the better but then some cheaper ones have more attachments than the expensive ones so that was a bust. I finally decided on this Revlon one based on two very unscientific factors: sleekness and color 🙂

I just like it because its plain, sleek and black. It was probably $17 so not bad. It comes with two attachments which I probably won’t use because I’m just hair dryer-illiterate.

I also got some other things from Walmart including a gift which is why there’s a huge yellow blur in the picture. I got some brush heads for my electric toothbrush, and then nail polish remover and a mini hair spray to leave at work for touch ups.

I also dropped by Sallys to pick up a comb to leave a work for teasing touch ups lol. I ended up with more than I planned like always. I got a teasing comb, a small boar bristle round brush, two pairs of lashes and some hair clips for when I blow out my hair.

Then I dropped by H&M to pick up the black version of the grey blazer I bought two weeks ago because I really like the way it fits. And again, I got more than planned but everything was on sale so I didn’t spend much!

^ gloves for $3

^muavey ballerina pink tights for $1

^a green drapey skirt for $7

^ a cute top with shoulder details for $3!

^pink version of the same top

^A grey button down sweater/cardi with a slight shoulder pouf.

And finally, the black blazer I went to buy.

And then I also ended up at Target even though I earlier vowed not to give Target anymore of my money this week. I just got a gift bag, foundation, sponges and a pair of corner lashes.

I also got a trashcan (my original purpose for going to Target) but I left it in the car last night so I can just take it straight to work this morning.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Life on the Daily – self cam & list making

I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of my daily life in the office 🙂

I love working off my laptop because it allows me to self cam as much as I want, in fact, I want to do one picture a day to document how I look and if anything changes.

I also spend a lot of time making lists but to be fair, these include everything. I like writing on a plain white notepad (without stickiness) about the size of ¼ of a sheet of paper. I’m very particular because I’ve found this type of notepad to work best for me. I don’t like lines and I don’t like it to be sticky like a post it. Before I found these particular pads, I’ve been using blank notecards but those were too thick so I like this a lot better.

I basically jot down everything; what I want to buy, what I have to do, songs I find, everything. And then once in a while, I take them all and organize them into piles like this so I can access everything easily.

♡ PaNhia