[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases & hair blowout

Just a quickie post of recent buys.

First, I got a new train case from Target. It’s a caboodles silver train case and its actually quite large. I’ve been thinking recently that my hot pink one is too small so I gave it to my sister and got this one. It’s much bigger than the other one but I don’t know if I really want to lug this thing around.

It has the overall same design as the other one with the two pull out trays and same pattern on the trays. I haven’t tried putting anything in there yet but I will be putting it to use soon because I have a sleepover coming up!

Next, I dropped by f21 to use a giftcard and found these lovely brown oxfords that I posted up earlier in a lust post.

I haven’t used them yet as it’s still snowy here and there is zero grip on these. The bottom is sort of a wooden structure.

Next I dropped by MAC and got two things. I almost also bought another lipstick in st. germain but they were out. What I did get I’m actually quite satisfied with.

I got a paint pot from the Cham Pale collection called Vintage Selection. It’s this beautiful champagne pinky color.

And then I got a dark red lipstick in Dubonnet.

I have been looking for a dark red lipstick that doesn’t have fushia hues or orange hues in it and I think I’ve found it according to the swatch I did on my hand. I have yet to try it on my lips so we’ll see how I feel about it afterwards.

And finally a look of the day quick pic. I just took this picture to document how awesome my hair turned out that day (like 3 days ago.) I just blew it out with a large round brush but I love how it falls nicely without looking curled. This is actually sort of a grueling process but the results always make it worth it!

♡ PaNhia


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