[ ♡ ] Welcome to my lair, sort of

So I moved into my new office the other day and I’m working on the décor. It feels kind of weird to be in a different place now that I’m used to where I was in the front office. My biggest concern with moving is that I can’t see people coming in the front anymore and that’s a problem because I’m the only one there in the morning so I usually keep the door locked and open it when people come in. I’ve found in the past two days that I can’t hear when people knock on the main door from my new room so I have to keep the door open now which of course turns on my survivor instincts and make me on edge all the time—what if some psycho comes through the unlocked door and I don’t know until they get to me in my office? My solution? A bell. Yes, a bell. I’ll hang it like a cow bell over the door so when the door opens, I’ll always be alerted to it. Anyways, here is the two views of my bare office:

What you see as you go enter in from the left. I just have two desks, a set of drawers, a fake topiary plant and random office stuff. As you can see, the painting is not done either but I’m thinking of changing the color so that’s ok. I used to have three desks but I moved one to the other side.

Here is the view of the other wall from where I sit with the 3rd desk that will be soon moved out:

I decided I would photoshop my potential room décor in so I visualize what to do with all the empty space. I started out with making the desk and printers disappear.

I basically just want to add in a huge framed mirror, a corner table and a large ulpholstered chair. In the following versions I’ve done some photoshoping to see what color scheme I like.

^I’m leaning towards this last one because I have this beautiful painting in gray purples and pinks that I want to use as my color scheme.

I also photoshopped the other wall where I sit. I want big bookshelves behind my desk with some artwork on top but if I don’t get bookshelves then I want a buffet style table in the back and a large painting. I’m actually going to paint my own canvas but I haven’t decided what yet. I’m leaning towards the lovely CC’s because I love a little pinch of fashion everywhere.

I didn’t photoshop some of the wall space because we’re not allowed to paint those portions.

I promise next time I post pictures of my office up, it will be the real thing 🙂

♡ PaNhia