[ ♡ Gifts from Lukous – Lighted Mirror & Fujifilm Instax Camera 7s ]

Before I start, welcome to the new look! I figured, new year, new layout. I experimented with other layout themes from wordpress but found them to be more restricting that my current theme (2010 theme) so I switched back and decided to add a background and change the color scheme a little. I wish wordpress would allow us to design our own themes but I’ll work with this for now. I’m not done yet so you might see some more changes in the coming days. I’ve also changed the way I do my pictures but I’m still experiementing. Anyways, onward!

I got two of my three gifts from Lukous this week! I’m very excited about both! The first package came Monday and it was a lighted mirror by Revlon.

This wasn’t the exact one I wanted but it works so no complaints here. The shape is essentially a rectangle with the bottom coming in towards the center a little more. I don’t know why they did that, maybe aesthetics? It has an on/off switch in front and a little tip on the bottom center of the mirror so that you tilt the mirror. I’ve tried using this once or twice but only in the morning when the light is still dim outside so I haven’t actually used it at night. I find that I have to really lean into the mirror and get up close to see myself (but that may just be because I’m blind.)

Yesterday I also got a second package from my boyfriend. I’ve been wanting this baby for a long time! It’s the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s camera. It’s a camera that takes credit card sized Polaroids. The first time I saw this was at Urban Outfitters retailing for $150. And then I obsessed over it more while watching “you’re beautiful” and made a plan to start photographing stars too lol.

^it comes with a 10 film pack.

^ to turn the camera on, you just pull out the lens.

^the only controls on the camera. It has four settings: indoor, cloudy, sunny or slightly sunny.

^the back of the camera. This is where you insert the film. The film comes in a box that you insert into the space so its quite simple.

^the huge sheet of directions that come with it. I basically just followed the pictures. Easy, peasy.

^My first picture. I tried a self cam shot and failed lol. I’ve now learned self shots don’t work with instant photos lol.

^This is how it looks when you hold it up. Cute!

I really like the camera. I was surprised by the energy it consumes though because it uses 4 AA batteries and they only work for about 20 shots. Doesn’t that sound crazy to you? Also, the film only comes in sets of 10 so you always have to reload and right now the cost of film is about $15 for two packs of ten which is like $.75 to take each picture. Maybe I’m just too used to taking hundreds of pictures during one sitting. I will have to learn to recognize good moments or I’ll be shelling out serious money for this lol. I’m currently looking for ebay film lots and rechargeable batteries!

♡ PaNhia

2 Comments on “[ ♡ Gifts from Lukous – Lighted Mirror & Fujifilm Instax Camera 7s ]”

  1. Rosie says:

    I need (expired) film for my polaroid izone… Time to upgrade! I didn’t get it for christmas but I hope to get my hands on one soon. 🙂

  2. Nhiapa says:

    I have another instant camera from a long time ago. It’s one that takes really tiny pictures about 1.5″x1″ and they’re stickers. I was so crazy over it when it first came out and then I got it and after about two weeks got over it lol. But I think I’ll like this one better.

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