[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 1/1/11 coffee, pasta, parties & makeovers

Unlike my lame new years eve (lol) yesterday was a pretty packed day. I hung out with my sisters and cousins and even got a chance to sneak away for a post new years party. Here’s my makeup look:

• Coastal scents pinks and purples for my eyes
• Loreal felt tip liner in black
• NARS blush in Mata Hari
• Lorac highlighter
• Sephora lipstick in lilac
• Lorac lipgloss in haute
• MUFE smokeylash mascara
• Cherry lashes in 501

And I was so excited that I finally got a chance to don my BGBG jacket!

We picked up my cousin and tried to go to Ulta but when we got in one of the managers (I know she’s a manager because I go there so often lol) asked us if we needed any help before the store closed and I was like, “oh, when do you guys close?” and she politely said, “in about two minutes.” I had completely forgotten that some stores close earlier on new years day and it was already about 6 pm. So we hopped on over to Borders for a book and coffee.

I tried the vanilla latte for the first time. It’s very good, I’m starting to like Seattle’s Best.

Then we went to olive garden for dinner.

^Michelle’s hand mirror lol

^Michelle’s stuffed chicken breast dish. It was very good!

After dinner, I dropped the girls off at my house to sneak off to a little party for about an hour before we started girl’s night. Here are a few shots:

I was only there for an hour, most of which I spent talking about my company to a friend who is licensed to work. There was a minor bit of drama due to overconsumption from two brothers but besides that, my hour there was mostly smooth sailing. I went home and hung out with my sisters and cousins. We made a ton of singing videos and posted a few up on fb. We actually did some pretty hard songs like usher’s OMG and Love the way you lie so of course we had some great captured moments on film! We also did themed makeovers.

Then I called it a night while the young ones stayed up to finish homework. They actually stayed up until 6 AM!

Bonus picture of my nails for this weekend:

I’d like to think it was my day of making up the fun I should’ve had on New years Eve.

♡ PaNhia


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