[ ♡ ] Pre-New Years Resolutions and the best of 2010

It’s been a crazy, great year. Although we’ve toned down our partying and grown up in many ways, we still managed a year full of girls nights, crazy makeup. Party hopping around town and slipping and falling.

Here are some recaps from this year. We take about 200 pictures everytime we go out or do something and I got tired of looking through so many albums so these are just a few.

There’s been many great lines uttered, many stupid moments and some regretful ones but through it all, we came out unscathed and still the best of friends. I really do hope we can continue to be this way into the new year. I don’t know what to predict for next year. My prediction for 2010 came dangerously close. I think 2011 will be revival of our youth (gosh, I sound old and maudlin lol,) more partying and having fun before we really get old. I say that because we have a lot of trips planned in 2011 so I think I’ll come pretty close to getting it correct. I of course predict that Malila’s marriage will spawn other marriage minded people’s marriage clocks and people will start getting hitched after 2011. I give Kay another year or two, Christi within 2-3 years, and Panghoua within 2-3 years.

Along with predictions I’ve also started thinking about new years resolutions. I’ve never taken them that seriously but because I’m a natural list maker, I can’t go without making a list for this one. I’ve started thinking of a few but nothing solid yet. Here is quick list of things I’d like to do this year (so not so much resolutions, more like to do lists)
• Either find a career or go back for my MBA
• Do some volunteer work either with young hmong students or on community projects
• Move out
• Get my own phone plan
• Do an inventory of my clothes and get started on my virtual closet
• Sell all the unwanted stuff like clothes and books
• Find a therapeutic activity other than shopping
• Keep my accounts and finances in order
• Do a solid 5-10 plan of what I want to achieve and where I want to be
• Travel as much as possible, return to LA, NYC, and Korea
• Go to a concert (with seats)
• Start on my scrapbook and memo book or merge the two
• Continue making photo prints instead of just archiving digital ones
• Learn to cook (I don’t know how well this one will go)
• Meet new people
• Join clubs/groups
• Start an online business

That seems like a pretty hefty list for it being only the beginning but I’m confident I’ll be able to do most of them. I don’t know, I’m excited for the new year and new beginnings. I see a lot of good things happening this year.

♡ PaNhia