[ ♡ ] LPT Christmas 2010 – 12/22/10

This year we had our LPT Christmas at my house again. I felt like we (or at least I) was a little less prepared than past years because usually I’d be running around getting things ready but all I did to prepare this year was buy ingredients for my dish. We decided to do a potluck and I chose to do spring rolls because it is the easiest roll to do. Turns out I was wrong. I started at 3:30 (two and a half hours before people were supposed to come) and I only managed one tray of springrolls which comes out to be approximately 40 springrolls. It took me a while to find a system that would work and allow me to fold efficiently. My first few rolls were hideous because they wouldn’t fold and I couldn’t figure out why until finally I figured out that I had to let the wrap dry after soaking it before the material would be dry enough to cling onto itself lol! So after completing a packet of wraps I gave up.

Here’s a picture of what I mean by “system:”

The other girls brought sandwiches, a huge tray of yummy padthai, fried noodles, chicken and pizza rolls. I forgot to take a picture of the food though.

Before opening gifts we played our customary game of jeopardy. This time Christi made the game and hosted it:

Our team names were Christ and Mas lol!

After that we played charades because its also starting to become a custom lol. Here are some shots:

Then we opened gifts. This year since some of the girls were going to take a trip we decided to use less money and do secret santa. Last year it was actually quite complicated. We did secret santa and then everyone had to also get everyone else small gifts and also, do a homemade gift for everyone. It was a lot of work and money but I still would’ve liked to do it again. I love seeing what people come up with. Last year Christi made us headbands and PH made us phone charms. They were really cute!

Secret Santa this year was kind of funny because we sat in a circle and we were supposed to go one by one and take turns getting gifts from our secret santa but people were confused and did not quite get it (ahem, ph and ym!) They kept thinking if it was their turn they should get a gift and give a gift right away lol! I’m not posting any pictures of the gifting part because there’s just too many but here is what I got from my secret santa Kay:

I got a 16 gig flashdrive! I was super excited because I only put that on my list as wishful thinking lol. Mai Yang also gave me an H&M giftcard for my birthday.

After the gift exchange we made gingerbred houses in three teams of three. My little sister judged and she sucked at it because my team totally should have won. We were the only ones with a fence, two benches, two trees and a porch! Here’s ours:

Here is all of them together:

And finally to end the night we took group pictures:

It was a good Christmas!

♡ PaNhia


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