[ ♡ ] Day after Christmas Shopping – 12/26/10

Because I am a shopping fiend, I of course couldn’t miss the 2nd biggest shopping day of the year. We woke up, got ready, sent my sister to her Christmas party and headed to the mall. I felt like the deals this year were not as great as before but I still got quite a few things. I set out with the goal in mind not to buy anything that wasn’t on sale and I sort of accomplished it.

Here is my best buy of the day:

It’s this sweater/jacket by BCBG Generation from Bloomingdales. I practice this habit of trying on whatever I like and then looking at the price later because I don’t want a price tag to stop me from finding beautiful things. So after falling in love with this baby in the fitting room, I finally looked at the price tag. It was on sale for $89 and I contemplated with myself for a while but finally decided I had to have it. So I go up to the register and they ring it up and its on further discounted to just $44! I have never been happier! I walked out of there with I swear, a glow! Lol!

Ok that was my gush moment of the day, now onto other things I purchased. I went to Sephora to exchange my Korres butter gift set for something else because my lips immediately reacted to them. I came out with two things:

I got a MUFE smokey lash mascara (my all time favorite) and the Clinique Dark spot corrector. It was $50 but I felt like the bottle was bigger than I expected so I guess it was worth it. Besides the good thing about sephora is that if it doesn’t work, you can always return it.

I also got a necklace from F21:

And then I got a ton of stuff from Charlotte Russe because nearly everything in the store was $5.

^Two work pants, I love the tapered one.

^two jackets

^a sparkly skirt!

A cute shoulder bag.

Overall, I felt like I got some good deals and also wasted some money but shopping is my therapy so no harm done!

♡ PaNhia


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