[ ♡ ] Glitz & Glam

I was really excited to get the Sephora favorites Glitz & Glam set from my aunt for Christmas. I’ve been coveting it for a while because there’s a lot of things in there that I wanted to try, especially the NARs orgasm illuminator and the Tarte cheek stain.

Here’s the box with everything nicely arranged inside. Overall the sizes of the products are not bad. They’re small but still usuable and definitely worth more than the $40 price tag.

First, the Tarina Tarintino sparkle powder in sparklecity pure. I have yet to understand what this is for but I’m going to guess it can either be for highlight or shadow or as a veil? It’s about .06 oz and cute.

Next is a mini mineral veil. I’ve been wanting some more of this so this should help last me until I find a good pressed translucent setting powder.

And then there’s a Lorac perfectly lit highlighter in spotlight. I actually really like this because I wanted a travel sized highlighter. I was only using a huge stila one and one in a palette before so this will help.

Then I got a Josie Maran Bronzing argon oil. I’m not too familiar with this product or how to use it so I’ll be doing some research.

It also came with a little Tarte Cheekstain. I was super excited about this because I’ve been wanting to try the cheekstains but didn’t want those huge regular sized ones. They’re like the size of mini water bottles.

This one looks more to be a highlighting sparkle stain though rather than actual color.

There was also a Sephora electro liner in copper electro. The color is actually pretty cool!

Two other things I’m excited about, the NARS illuminator and Lorac multiplex lipgloss.

And then a few last items I haven’t really looked at.

I’m excited to keep trying until I’ve tried them all!

♡ PaNhia


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