[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 12/15/10 Hidden Sushi and Charlie Rummaging and a sleepless night

Yesterday I went to have dinner with Choua and Mala after work. First here is a picture of what I wore:

Ok on to the food! We went to a place called Shanhai Bistro that specializes in Chinese food and sushi. It was really complicated to get to because as you approach it on the main road you can see it on the strip but you have to go around back and drive through a series of apartment complexes to get there. Once you’re there though, the area is very cute, especially all decked out for the holidays.

Here are a few shots:

^the view of the inside from the sushi bar area. It’s alright, not super glamorous nor is it really a relaxed atmosphere.

^our sushi maker. He gave us a complimentary roll and desert! How nice!

^Choua and Mala

^my first roll, the red dragon roll. It’s the same as a dragon roll but with eggs on top.

^my other two rolls, a spider roll and a shrimp tempura roll.

^our yummy orange desert.

Overall, it was ok. I ended up paying only $25 for two huge rolls and a smaller one so not a bad deal but the sushi was not top grade. Everything sort of tasted the same with a blandish taste. I probably will not be going back again due to the bad sushi.

After that we did a little shopping. We went to this store called Charming Charlie and its basically a huge corner store full of accessories: jewelry, shoes, bags etc. They have a few racks of clothes but the main focus is definitely the jewelry.

It took me a few rounds to get through the whole store, especially to look at all the jewelry. The prices are also pretty good. Around $40 for a purse, $10-20 for necklaces and earrings from $7-12. I ended up with nothing though. I think I was just a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff. Everything was organized in carousels based on color and style so if you have something in mind it will probably be easier to shop. Although they had a great big selection, the designs are a little outdated and typical to me. I feel like I can find fresher things are F21’s accessories store.

We also went to H&M and did a little big of shopping and trying on.

^I got this last piece, it was only $15. They had a really good sale going on!

After that we went to Target a did a little more shopping and then I went home. Later that night (this morning) was crazy! Nalee came over to use my laptop at 12:30 am so I woke up to let her in and then I woke up again to let her out at 4:30 AM and then my sister woke me up to send her to school at 6:50 Am to only to drive there and find out that it was only 5:50 AM and her clock was wrong! I was so mad! I came back home, knocked out and woke up again at 9. Gosh, what a night, no sleep at all.

♡ PaNhia

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