[ ♡ ] 2nd Stila Shipment in!

I opened my door to get mail and saw a little package sitting on my doorstep today! I was so excited to get this baby:

But when I opened it and dumped out the stuff, some things were missing and I got a lip stain I didn’t order.

I looked around and found this note that came with the lip stain:

Here is my original order:

Turns out they ran out of stock of my other three shadows so they sent me a lipstain to makeup for it but I called just to make sure and they said they’re only charging me for the one shadow and palette.

Here is shadow pan:

It’s a light brown in Tolima. I haven’t swatched it yet.

Here is the 6 pan palette I ordered:

It’s pretty big. I really like the large size of it and the large mirror it comes with. Since they didn’t send me my other three shadows, I decided to fill the palette with the pans from my talking palette I got in the first order. It was an idea I got a while back while waiting for this order to arrive. So I put my two shadows from the first order in and then depotted my pans in the talking palette in stuck them in.

It works ok. The only thing is the talking palette pans are smaller so there is an empty rim space between the pan and the pan container but since its magnetized, its all good! I did make a minor scratch in one of the shadows though.

Here is the remains of the talking palette. Whoever thought a talking palette was a good idea never received a singing holiday card.

Overall I’m happy with the way things turned out because right after I did my second order I regretted it and started considering just adding the pans from the talking palette to the new palette so I guess things went alright? I don’t know, I still have to figure out what to do with my new single shadow pan.

♡ PaNhia


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