[ ♡ ] Mufe Collection challenge

So I was browsing around sephora today and saw one of the deals going on right now: buy three Makeup forever shadows or blushes and get a free palette (usually worth $20 on it’s own.) I was tempted to do it but I usually want to see the colors in person if I’m spending a lot on it. If I was buying a $5-$10 shadow, online pictures are ok but for single shadows that are $19 up, I want to swatch them and see them in person.

Here’s a shot of the deal:

Even though I didn’t buy it, it got me thinking. I’ve been coveting the shadows for a while now and have heard great things about them but never bought them because they’re so expensive. Filling up a palette would cost me at least $220.

So I came up with this collection challenge for myself. I’ll acquire my palette slowly, month by month. Starting in January I will buy the palette and my first shadow. And every month thereafter I will buy one-two shadows a month so by this time next year I should have a completed palette and I won’t feel too bad about it because I didn’t drop $220 all at once 🙂

So I’ve done some visual palette filling and these are the ones I like from online:

I didn’t put any exotic or crazy colors on there because honestly, I’m not spending $20 on a color I’ll use for fun. I want realistic colors I can use on a daily basis. The top two on the left are actually blush colors. I’ve been really into plums/mauves and light baby pink blushes lately.

I’m very excited to start this challenge!

♡ PaNhia


5 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Mufe Collection challenge”

  1. rosie says:

    I still have to finish filling up my MAC palette I purchased in April.

  2. Nhiapa says:

    how many do you have left? I keep not wanting to start palettes because I hate seeing them half empty and then I end up buying all of it at once. I have to really control myself on this one. Either way I’ll probably finish by May or June.

  3. rosie says:

    Three left. And I know this is bad but, I want to get another one. The one I have now are filled with neutrals, which I like, but I want something with a little color too. I don’t know. I’m trying to limit myself with the money spending because I mean, how much eyeshadow can one girl use at once? Ha.

    • Nhiapa says:

      lol you can have as many palettes as you want! I buy more eyeshadow than anything and I still can’t get enough and because I don’t buy crazy colors, alot of my shadows are similar but I still keep buying lol

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