[ ♡ ] Daily Lounging (no outing ) – 12/12/10 Memories revisited!

It snowed so much this past weekend that I was stuck inside all weekend so yesterday I decided to tackle a biggie on my to do list: clean the basement. I really only cleaned what was mine though. Basically for the past 6 or so years since we’ve lived in my house we’ve been putting things downstairs and from time to time we’ve put them into huge storage bins but they were never organized so yesterday, I went through all of my boxes ( I had about 9 storage bins lol) and reorganized them. I now have all my books in one bin, all my movies ( I used to be a dramabuff) in one bin, gifts in one, memory type things in one and a photo/albums bin. I also organized all the clothes and books into different trashbags including: summer sell, winter sell, toss, recycle, and books to sell.

Here is a picture of my bins:

I found a lot of old things. Here are some pages from my Me book in 7th grade, a book all about me 🙂

^This page is my life timeline lol, I’m totally of f course.

^nothings changed lol 🙂

^a picture I drew in pen. I think I copied something off a magazine.

I also found some old things from my editor-n-chief days of my high school paper.

^my layout sketch

^one of our papers…appearently my party was big lol but I can’t even remember it. 2005 must have been a boring year if my birthday party was the biggest event.

I also went through a lot of my old memo books and slam books. I had so many!

^I think this is 8th grade?

^my page inside. Don’t judge me, I was pretty hardcore back in the day lol

^I was also a graffiti artist lol

And then some other random stuff:

^My letters from highschool. Don’t let them fool you, they’re all academic letters lol, no athletic letters. That giant A is from choir lol, it’s a musical letter. The bars are equivalent to the SP. I’m actually sort of proud of these babies 🙂

I’m so glad I got a chance to go through everything. I brought my two memo books up because I wanted to show the girls and also I want to have a memo book party!

♡ PaNhia


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