[ ♡ ] Picture Challenge: Day 5 – A photo of you without make-up

Day 5 – A photo of you without make-up

Oh lord, I dread this one

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[ ♡ ] old guy in red or pale guy in…pale

More blog surfing

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[ ♡ ] lust list – 12/13/10

I’ve been doing some online lusting. Here is a collage of all the things I’m currently wanting!

• Structured bags – I love big bags because I carry a lot of things! If anybody ever stole my purse they’ll have a lot of junk to dig through to even find the money and in most cases there is no money because cash is not my thing lol
• Dresses in neutrals – I can’t get enough of them!
• Sparkly dresses – refer to my sparkly post
• Lime green dresses – I have a new thing with lime green clothes and the pattern just makes me want it more!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Mufe Collection challenge

So I was browsing around sephora today and saw one of the deals going on right now: buy three Makeup forever shadows or blushes and get a free palette (usually worth $20 on it’s own.) I was tempted to do it but I usually want to see the colors in person if I’m spending a lot on it. If I was buying a $5-$10 shadow, online pictures are ok but for single shadows that are $19 up, I want to swatch them and see them in person.

Here’s a shot of the deal:

Even though I didn’t buy it, it got me thinking. I’ve been coveting the shadows for a while now and have heard great things about them but never bought them because they’re so expensive. Filling up a palette would cost me at least $220.

So I came up with this collection challenge for myself. I’ll acquire my palette slowly, month by month. Starting in January I will buy the palette and my first shadow. And every month thereafter I will buy one-two shadows a month so by this time next year I should have a completed palette and I won’t feel too bad about it because I didn’t drop $220 all at once 🙂

So I’ve done some visual palette filling and these are the ones I like from online:

I didn’t put any exotic or crazy colors on there because honestly, I’m not spending $20 on a color I’ll use for fun. I want realistic colors I can use on a daily basis. The top two on the left are actually blush colors. I’ve been really into plums/mauves and light baby pink blushes lately.

I’m very excited to start this challenge!

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[ ♡ ] Artwork – Aff (again!) 12/13/10

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Upcoming orders – elf, stila, sephora

I know I was supposed to stop but I keep getting great coupons and discount codes so I’ve put in a few more orders. I have three orders coming to me soon from elf, stila and sephora.

First is Stila. When I did my first order during cyber Monday I bought two shadows without knowing they were only pans so when I found out they didn’t have a container, I went back online and ordered a 6 pan compact and four additional shadows (because I hate having a half empty palette.)

Then when I got my first Stila order, I realized I could’ve just taken the pans out of my talking palette and added them to this collection but by then it was already too late so basically I have four extra shadows coming.

I also did a 3rd elf order. I canceled my second brush set order and then went back and ordered these two signature makeup cases.

It was a good deal because I got free shipping.

My last order is from Sephora. I just ordered it today because I had a free gift card and 10% off coupon code that expires today. It was a $15 beauty insider giftcard and the coupon code was for becoming a VIB at Sephora. It just basically means I’ve spent a lot at sephora this year.

I got some very good stuff for only $36! I got a smashbox palette, sephora slim palette, l’occitane hand cream to try, and a lorac felt tip eyeliner. I’m really excited about the eyeliner because I’ve swatched it before at Ulta and it did not budge! It’s also in the brown I’m looking for.

Overall, I’m very excited for these to come. So far the Stila is the only one on the way but I’ll stalk my tracking numbers as soon as I get them!

At least I didnt purchase anything from Lorac, Tarte, or UD.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Closet Addition!

I’ve been adding more clothes to my closet without taking too much out so my closet was overflowing. In the past few months I’ve tried to tackle this with storage baskets, hanging solutions, everything but they just were not enough. So I’ve finally added a rolling rack to my closet area.

Here is my closet with the added rack on the left

And the rack on its own.

It still looks very crowded but I definitely feel like my clothes have room to breathe now. The only con is that the rack is blocking one of the two windows in my room so my electricity bill will probably go up lol.

♡ PaNhia