[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 12/11/10

Today was supposed to be sort of jam packed day. It was supposed to be my sister’s ACTS, my birthday dinner and voting day for Lao family’s leadership board. but because of the crazy non-stop snow, most of those events were canceled. But we did still have to go vote for the board because we have a candidate in our family.

So we get up, get ready, brave the crazy snow and go. It was a crazy drive. I stopped counting the number of cars whose emergency lights were on, the cars who were stopped and stuck, the cars who had spun. If you had a small car without 4 wheels, you were guaranteed to be one of those. Luckily we had a huge truck with four wheels but it was still scary.

Here’s a picture of the view on the highway:

When we finally got there to vote, we waited in line for a really long time because they were letting people in by last name and since my last name has the most people, we stood and watced while groups and groups of people went passed us. I was getting so irritated! Here’s the line:

Finally we get in and go to sign in and the person helping me couldn’t find my name even though I preregistered a few weeks before! He told me I would have to go back downstairs to see what they can do. Can you freaken believe that? I come out in the blizzard, wait my ass in line all this time and they want me to go back downstairs? I was so pissed! I told him I wasn’t going to waste anymore of my time.

WTF were these hmong people doing? What kind of dumb system is this? The registered voters names were listed on an exel sheet in alphabetical order. So clearly they had some semblance of the number of people who had my last name so why didn’t they get more tables for our last name instead of make us wait? Why make the re-check point all the way back downstairs?

I wasted my time today and I will never support lao family again until they figure out how to run a community poll.

♡ PaNhia


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