[ ♡ ] F21 Delivery outside my door steps

I got my forever21 order in this morning! I also stalked this one like crazy and since it was sent to an old email, it was extra work. Unlike the elf order, I’m mostly satisfied with the order!

My biggest box so far!

^Xti and I both got these shoes. They’re cute but a little big.

Here is the package but I forgot to take individual pictures of the Jeans. I got two pairs of jeans but they’re too big so I’m giving them away.

This cute Korean-esque shirt!

Thin sweat pants. I actually almost bought this exact one at forever21 the other day but realized that I already ordered it online.

I needed a new black clutch and I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while.

The inside, just perfect!

Beautiful frosted chandelier earrings. I like it but chandelier earrings don’t match me that much.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my order and everything fits except for the jeans. I’ll pawn them off on my sisters or return it in store for something else.

♡ PaNhia

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