[ ♡ ] Recent swatches

Sorry about the crazy way the last three posts turned out. I can’t seem to fix it so I’ll try again later. It could just be due to the sheer volume of html and images but here is a more in depth post on some of my sephora buys.

First is my TARTE palette that I love!

It’s about 6×6 inches. It’s a cute gold box with diagonal stitching on the front and it comes with a necklace attached (not pictured.) The design of the box is attractive but not practical because that front flap is basically what keeps everything together. Theres no other way to secure the box. When you first open the box it looks like this inside:
The center contains 16 full sized (supposedly) new matte shades. The outside consists of 16 (also supposedly) new shimmer shades. In the picture above, I’ve marked the shadows I really like. Overall the quality of the shadows are good. There is a good selection of color and they’re all pigmented but lasting power even with primer is not extreme. I would say the thing that made me buy this palette and the reason that I continue to like is the shadow variety. It has shades that I love and shades I’m looking for (purples, mauves, purply greys, pinks and different neutrals.) And the size of the shadows are large which is something I always appreciate. I hate trying to dip my brush into small pans.

When you pull it out further, you get two more tiers of makeup.
The middle tier is the blush and lip tier.
I haven’t tried the lip glosses yet because I’m waiting on my lip brush to arrive but they’re supposed to be sheer glosses, not lipsticks. The color selection is good though and worth a try. I’m really loving the hot pink. The bronzer and highlighter are also pretty. I’m not a big bronzer girl myself so I don’t have much to compare it to apart from Nars Laguna and BE mineral in warmth. It’s lighter than laguna but very similar. The highlighter is a really pretty gold shimmer infused pink highlighter. It just helps catch a little more light.

The final bottom tier is a set of small (like 3”) eyeliners.
I swatched a few but didn’t take pictures. They are really creamy and easy to apply and pigmented but smudge easily. I don’t know how often I”ll use them but they’re very pretty to look at if you don’t consider the smudge factor.

Overall a great holiday palette and I’m glad I returned Ulta’s version for this one.

Next are the two lipglosses I got.
^I mostly boughy the nars one for the dark purple fushia color. It’s really beautiful! The other two shades are similar to eachother but have different consistencies. The Nars one is thicker and sort of piles on as you swatch but the sephora one is thinner and easier to apply.

I also got this lip scrub from Victoria’s secret
At the bottom is the scrub portion.
At the top is the balm portion
I haven’t used this product yet so I will talk about it more when I’ve used it.

And then I took some other snapshots:
^I transferred my toner into the new sephora pump bottle and it is making smile a little wider every second!

I also cleaned today so I found some containers of makeup I’ve bought within the past 3 months. I kept them because I like organizing my makeup so I was going to leave them for mini organizer boxes if I ever needed them.

Well, that’s all in my makeup news! I’m still waiting patiently for my orders!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Recent swatches”

  1. rosie says:

    Let me know how the VS lip scrub turns out. I’m indecisive.

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