[ ♡ ] Harry Potter, Cappuccino and a Lonely Sparkly Skirt – Ringing in the New Years on my Laptop

It’s New Years eve and I’m sitting in my room, waiting for the clock to strike 12. Because of the lousy MN weather, I’m stuck inside instead of partying New Years Eve. It’s been raining and sleeting non-stop outside for the past two days. The roads are icy and the parties are far so I’ve been forced to stay inside on the biggest celebration day of the year.

Tonight It’ll just be me, my family, a cup of homemade cappuccino, my Harry Potter marathon and the lonely gold sparkly skirt I was planning to wear out tonight. Oh well, there will be another time for sparkles. Even my plan B fell through (girl’s night at my cousins.)

All of this of course leaves me with my thoughts and resolutions for the new year. I have some doable ones and then some crazy outlandish ones but I’ll list them anyway. I’ll start off my list with things from my pre-list a few posts back but I’ll organize it this time into must do and want to do.

Must do list

• Either find a career or go back for my MBA by 2012
• Do some volunteer work either with young hmong students or on community projects
• Get my own phone plan
• Do an inventory of my clothes and get started on my virtual closet
• Sell all the unwanted stuff like clothes and books
• Find a therapeutic activity other than shopping
• Keep my accounts and finances in order
• Do a solid 5-10 plan of what I want to achieve and where I want to be
• go to LA and one other place this year
• Go to a concert (with seats)
• Start on my scrapbook and memo book or merge the two
• Continue making photo prints instead of just archiving digital ones
• Learn to cook (I don’t know how well this one will go)
• Meet new people (be more friendly to strangers lol) – I don’t spend too much time getting to know new people, especially men because I don’t want to appear as if I’m flirting or leading anyone on.
• Join clubs/groups – I would really like to join a book club this year!
• On that note, read more and start writing for fun again
• Take a mini vacation once a month either by myself or with the girls and I already have the perfect January one in mind
• Make an effort to dress up everyday because when I do, I always conquer the world 🙂
• Treat myself and my body to a home spa day every Sunday – the works, pedi, mask, exfoliate, foot scrub, chick flick
• Dress up everytime I go to dinner
• Have a once a month dinner where all the girls get together
• Keep up my hair dying schedule
• Capture memories on my camera instead of stealing pics off fb lol, thanks choua
• Do my nails every Thursday, once a month breaking to go to a nail salon
• No more pop or candy (chocolate is permitted on occasion)
• Join a gym with michelle and go at least three times a week
• Make the effort (and set aside the money) to take classes (dance, cooking, yoga)
• Make and complete a MUFE palette
• Keep a daily list of my spending in my moleskin notebook
• Find a watch and wear it – I’ve become too dependent on my phone as my life source. I need to find backups for telling time, calenders, calculators, etc.
• Go on a roadtrip to someplace other than Duluth
• Try new places to eat
• Quit watching reality tv because I hate most of it anyways
• Marry GD, and yes, this is part of the do-able list lol 🙂
• Get a tattoo – yes, this is the year! I feel it in my bones; something substantial enough will happen and I will finally have reason to get a tattoo
• Club more – I know, sounds like a desperate attempt to hold onto my youth again but I think a little more clubbing will help us let loose and get together again and if not, at least we’ll come out with great pictures lol
• Spend more time on my health – I’ve been neglecting my checkups lately because of my health insurance issues but once I get back on (soon,) I’m immediately booking myself a physical and teeth cleaning.
• Go to a Twins game!

Want to do list
• Move out
• Start an online business
• Learn to use false lashes correctly, ie pain means incorrect
• Express my feelings more – I’m not an emotional person, nor do I ever say those three words. I shall endeavor to do it more or at least replace a few “me toos” with those three words (see, I can’t even type them without feeling mushy in the organs)
• Put up my shelves I bought from Ikea (a few months now)
• Excersize more patience
• Find a way to use my bedding set and my hmong blankets

Overall, I have more do-able things than wishful thinking things so I think I’m in a good place. As long as I develop routine and put everything in my planner, It will happen. If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that everything is in my hands; if I want it, it’ll happen. Have a great new years everyone!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Journey to clear skin – Clinique dark spot corrector

I’ve recently purchased the Clinique dark spot corrector because I read all these reviews about how it evens skin tone in 12 weeks or less so I was really excited to try it.

It’s a pretty big bottle but I don’t know how long it would last. I just started using it two days ago. It comes in a pump bottle and you’re supposed to use it at night and in the morning and spread it all over your face.

Here are my before pictures. I mostly just have acne dark spots on my forehead and parts of my cheeks.

With this new product my skin care routine is even longer than before and I’m still missing two products. I usually wash my face with a cleanser, tone, moisturize and spf, use eye cream, face primer and then start with makeup. I’ve inserted this right after toner because I feel like it should sink in before my spf. On the package, they were very clear that I definitely have to use spf with this product so I figured, spf second just to be on the safe side.

Results should start showing in 4 weeks so in four weeks I will do an update post. I hope all goes well. So far my skin is not reacting or anything but my skin isn’t sensitive so I don’t have worries about that.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Picture love – displays, dresses, coffee and chanel

One of my resolutions for this blog is to feature less makeup and more about the first, true love of my life: fashion. So as an ode to that less seen devotion, here are pictures I just cannot take my eyes off of. Everyone knows I love a good piece of advertising and window displays fall right into that umbrella. Here are some beautiful ones from Hermes, featuring of course, the ever beautiful and expensive Birkin.

I also love these dresses. I’m not a huge vintage fan or collector or anything but when it comes to eras of the past, I just cannot get over the fact that we’ve decided to abandon the love of getting ready for great night out. I would love to get my hands on these beauties:

*credit: make the world a prettier place

And here are just two random images I wanted to share

Next year I’ll decorate my tree with images of all the things I love!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Look of the Day – 12/28/10

*top, sweater and pants from Charlotte, all for a total of $15, $20 including the necklace. Cheapest outfit yet.

Bonus look from another day. This is the most natural I’ll go on any given day and it still includes liner on top 🙂

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Pre-New Years Resolutions and the best of 2010

It’s been a crazy, great year. Although we’ve toned down our partying and grown up in many ways, we still managed a year full of girls nights, crazy makeup. Party hopping around town and slipping and falling.

Here are some recaps from this year. We take about 200 pictures everytime we go out or do something and I got tired of looking through so many albums so these are just a few.

There’s been many great lines uttered, many stupid moments and some regretful ones but through it all, we came out unscathed and still the best of friends. I really do hope we can continue to be this way into the new year. I don’t know what to predict for next year. My prediction for 2010 came dangerously close. I think 2011 will be revival of our youth (gosh, I sound old and maudlin lol,) more partying and having fun before we really get old. I say that because we have a lot of trips planned in 2011 so I think I’ll come pretty close to getting it correct. I of course predict that Malila’s marriage will spawn other marriage minded people’s marriage clocks and people will start getting hitched after 2011. I give Kay another year or two, Christi within 2-3 years, and Panghoua within 2-3 years.

Along with predictions I’ve also started thinking about new years resolutions. I’ve never taken them that seriously but because I’m a natural list maker, I can’t go without making a list for this one. I’ve started thinking of a few but nothing solid yet. Here is quick list of things I’d like to do this year (so not so much resolutions, more like to do lists)
• Either find a career or go back for my MBA
• Do some volunteer work either with young hmong students or on community projects
• Move out
• Get my own phone plan
• Do an inventory of my clothes and get started on my virtual closet
• Sell all the unwanted stuff like clothes and books
• Find a therapeutic activity other than shopping
• Keep my accounts and finances in order
• Do a solid 5-10 plan of what I want to achieve and where I want to be
• Travel as much as possible, return to LA, NYC, and Korea
• Go to a concert (with seats)
• Start on my scrapbook and memo book or merge the two
• Continue making photo prints instead of just archiving digital ones
• Learn to cook (I don’t know how well this one will go)
• Meet new people
• Join clubs/groups
• Start an online business

That seems like a pretty hefty list for it being only the beginning but I’m confident I’ll be able to do most of them. I don’t know, I’m excited for the new year and new beginnings. I see a lot of good things happening this year.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Blabbing, Stresses, and aging

I don’t usually use this blog as a venting venue but I once tried managing two wordpress blogs on the same account and failed miserably so my days of separating blogs based on interests are over. Instead of blogging my thoughts, you’ve only seen my purchases but I need a place to mull things over so I guess this blog will now become sort of mish mash of everything.

Today Malila revealed to the group something that I was completely unprepared to hear. She said that within the next year, probably next fall, her and her boyfriend Tous would be getting married. It completely took me off guard, I was thinking more like the next 3 to 5 years, not next year. It stressed me out! I’m just not ready for it!

It doesn’t make sense I know. Its her marriage, so why should I be stressed about it. But honestly it was just like a smack in the face telling me that we’re getting old and we’re reaching that age where the pressures of growing up are finally at full force and we’re actually succumbing to letting our careless days go. I think I just fear it will be like a domino effect. First its her, then someone else and eventually everyrone will be married with kids except for me and Choua. Maybe I’m just not ready for our group of friends to turn into those groups of couples with kids who hang out together as couples and families. Maybe I’m desperately hanging onto my youth? I don’t know. This news coupled with my recent affinity for more mature clothes is making my brain reel.

Lately when I shop, I only buy work clothes and everything I buy I look at with deference to how other people will view me and how appropriate it is for my age. Its crazy! I used to never care. For me, it was always fashion that superseded rules and stigmas but now that I’m older, out of college and entering my work life I’ve started to reevaluate that and try to be more cognizant of how I appear. I just don’t want to be one of those ladies that walk into a store and all the younger shoppers stare at. You know, that 45 year old woman that lugs her kids around forever21 grabbing the same clothes off the rack as the 18 year old. I don’t want to be that lady! Whenever I see that lady at my store, I want to walk out and find something else.

It sounds dramatic but seriously, it’s a little offensive to me that women that old are trying to wear the same clothes I wear. Its like they’re poaching my style and my store. I don’t know, maybe I’m the weird one.

I guess I just don’t want to get old and news of Malila’s marriage is forcing me to face the fact that I am getting older. It’s not really the age thing or the wrinkle thing that bothers me, it’s the fact that things are changing. I’ve always been the worst handler of change, in fact I avoid it like the plague.

Last year, in January, I said to myself, “this is the last year we can all be like this and party like this together. After this year, things will change and people will go their own ways” I never realized until now how right I was in that prediction. In the past few weeks and months I felt like everyone has been drifting apart and we’re all going our separate ways. Of course this is natural though considering last year lot of us graduated and started jobs. But its also the fact that people who are in relationships are getting serious, and people who were not in relationships are finding relationships. Soon we will be adults with our own lives. I always thought I’d be the one to move away and I still intend to do that but I always thought I’d be gone before the group really grew up and got families of their own. I don’t know. Its sort of a reminder that I haven’t done what I wanted it and a nagging pressure that its time I pick up my pace and make something more of my life. Its time for things to fall into place and for me to start doing what I want to do before I get left behind by all those who are starting families and realizing their own dreams.

It’s even harder on me because my future has never included marriage or kids so I will of course be completely out of place when they all have kids and families and I walk in with my blackberry and LV(wishful thinking lol.) Maybe I’m realizing that we don’t have a common future and I need to do something for myself before I find I’m the lone person whose unmarried and childless and then I start thinking about those things for myself just to retain some common ground with them. I don’t know. I feel like I’m babbling but it’s starting to make sense. I need to get my life where I’ve always imagined it to be or I will fall into that marriage and kids trap. I think that is my actual fear, it’s not age or wrinkles or growing apart that scares me; it’s the fear that if I’m not where I want to be life and career wise then I have no reason for not getting married or not having kids. So I guess my fear is amounting to being nothing other than wife and mother.

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing & palette project – 12/27/10

Back to work again today, but I was having problems with the wireless so I left and had lunch with the girls. We went to Sunsets in woodbury. Nancy, Kay, YM, and Malila joined me today and we had lots of food and lots of laughs.

I got a cappuccino and Sicilian penne pasta. I was so full!

I also picked up some stuff from Target and Michaels.

I got some hangers (3 packs for $4) and printed about 200 pictures for $30. And then I got a roll of tape magnet for my palette project.

Recently I’ve decided to depot my Ulta shadows and put them in a palette. I haven’t used them in a while and the reason is because I hate searching for individual shadows. They’re good for a makeup bag but not for daily use. I’ve been doing some research on how to depot them and on different palettes and I was going to order two z palettes for this purpose but on Christmas I got this random palette from my aunt:

Its pretty well pigmented and comparable to coastal scents but I don’t like the different sizes and shapes and luckily its actually in a plastic setting and came right out of the palette easily.

I took it out and depoted my ulta shadows and then placed them inside.

I put the labels on there to remind me what colors they are. I also took ulta shadows from a gift box I got for my birthday. They’re the square ones.

Then I got the magnet tape and put square pieces beneath each to make them cling.

It turns out the tape is too weak. I didn’t want a strong magnet because they were too thick so I think I might just glue them onto the palette. I’m not going to spend my time searching for magnets.

Hopefully this will make my ulta shadows more useful.

♡ PaNhia