[ ♡ ] Favorites – Blogs galore!

I’ve been on my google reader for the past 8 hours going through all my blog subscriptions that I’ve been neglecting for the past few weeks (months?) and thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs.

^ This was the first fashion photography blog I’ve ever read and I still follow it around the world to this day! The pictures are beautiful!

^ I’m a sucker for cute packaging so this site has me wanting things I don’t need. It’s basically all about cool packaging, an art that is often forgotten in our race to consume.

^This is my number one makeup products source because she buys just about everything. She tells me what’s coming out before I get it from any other blog.

^This blog I found through linking. She lives in Tokyo and buys all these cute things that I just love looking at.

^This is the only and probably first english Thai entertainment blog I’ve ever read. It helps me keep track of lakorns.

^This blog is one of my all time favorites and its basically devoted to ugly clothes celebrities wear lol

^this blog is really awesome. It’s a makeup reviewing blog for all asian products, mostly Japanese.

I have many more (my feed was at 1000+) but that’s all for now!

♡ PaNhia


2 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Favorites – Blogs galore!”

  1. rosie says:

    I love this post!!!!!!!

  2. ANNIE says:

    thanks for sharing this hon!
    I’m loving the “lovely package” blog =P
    also a sucker for cute packaging! LOL

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