[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 11/06/10 Vang New Year & Café Latte

Today was a crazy jam packed day! I’ve been up since 6 Am cooking for our new year. My dad decided to schedule it for 11-12 today so my mom and I had to get up extra early to make sure the food would be ready by then.

We made 4 dishes because my dad called the whole clan! It was fun to see everyone but exhausting! Here are some snapshots!
^the rice we woke up extra early to steam!
^my little cousin Cherish came dressed up because her mom told her they were coming to “celebrate the new year” and she mistook that for “going to the new year” and demanded to wear her outfit! Lol she is the cutest!
^the women’s table upstairs
^our traditional hmong outside cooking lol
^you know it’s a hmong celebration when the beer is next to the water
^Cherish went to my room and sat at my vanity! How cute!
^She is so cute! She was looking at herself after putting on three lipsticks

Customary of Vang parties, the men drank for hours in our basement while we cleaned. I was so tired. I washed all the huge pots outside in the cold and cleaned for hours while they chatted and ate and drank. I was supposed to meet up with the girls around 6:30 to discuss Korea but just as 6 rolled around the men decided it was time to stop—-to go drink some more at a bar!

One of my grandpas insisted that we take his car home first so they told my sister and I to go drop off his car! And then they changed their minds and decided we should just leave his car here and that one of us (basically me,) had to be a dd for them along with my mom because there were too many of them to fit in one car. I was like “ok, better than letting the drunks drive,” and then my dad tells me I have to go inside their olgie bar with them and wait! Lol! I was like, “no, I’m dropping you off and picking you all up later!”

So we finally get everyone outside and then I hear them saying the bar they’re going to is in BP! OMFG, that’s a 30 minute drive! I was calculating in my head how much time would be spent driving if I dropped them off and picked them up (2 hours total.)

Luckily for me, one of the non-drunks decided to drive and I was a free woman! So after they left, I went to meet up with the girls at Metro and then we went to Café Latte to grab some food.

I’ve been eating all day so I just got a yummy mint mocha latte:
^me and my coffee
^I got myself a piece of cake called “chocolate chocolate!” lol, because well, basically it’s all chocolate-goodness!

After grabbing our stuff we drove to Keng’s house for a small hangout. It was nice to see the boys again and bug Keng about knocking out before we got to his house party last week. He decided to pass around a house shot and I hid for a while trying to avoid it. I eventually slid back into my seat but he caught me and demanded I take a shot.

I weaseled him into agreeing to do half with me and asked him to get me a chaser. While he left to go find some pop, I pleaded nicely with Kou into sharing half of my shot with me which he did! Keng came back and after a little bit of suspicion took the last half of the shot and I walked away free! LOL! Best part of the night! I love being a sneaky-mc-sneakster! I am definitely coming up with more tricks like this! Of course I can’t do the same one, at least not on the same guys. Those guys are too fun!

Overall I had a great day!

♡ PaNhia


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