[ ♡ ] Package from Lukous – Halloween Card!

My boyfriend Lukous wanted me to blog about him but I didn’t because I didn’t want to do it unnaturally, lucky for him I got this package in the mail on Wednesday!

^It was from Lukous! I knew that it would his Halloween card for me because for every major holiday I bug him until he consents to making me a card  lol! Don’t worry, I make him one too but I just like forcing him to do it because he hates to.

^me opening it! (this is of course posed but I was really opening it at this moment, not that fake youtube, open, reclose and open for the camera thing)

^the front!
^the inside! Lol, he’s so corny!
^He never forgets the back.

This is the most effort he’ll put into a request for him to do something romantic. He usually tells me he wont do anything romantic because then I’ll just expect more lol! He’s lucky I’m not demanding nor that much into romance!

♡ PaNhia


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