[ ♡ ] LPT Fall Photoshoot 2010

On Saturday we had our second annual fall photoshoot. It was all done and shot by the lovely MYX who did an amazing job! We had originally scheduled it for last weekend but the weather said it was supposed to rain so we postponed it for this weekend but it didn’t even end up raining much last Saturday!

We were scheduled to shoot at 10 so that she could make her next appointment with bear’s family at 12 but we ran a little late with all the girls trying to get ready. We just shot at MAC because there were too many of us and it was just easier without having to travel.

The concept was of course Fall colors and I think I sort of managed it, not as well as my outfit last year though. My only fall color was my pretty sable skirt. I wanted to do either a green or other nude tone on top but didn’t have time to put it together so I only looked semi-fall. I forgot to wear my hat though! I was bummed because I really wanted to do a shoot with a hat!

Here are some shots from the photoshoot. All pictures belong to MYX!
^ a funny one of me trying to get down off the wall I climed onto!

Overall it was a good shoot. The weather was nice, albeit a little cold. I realize now looking at some of the pictures that my skirt was a little on the short side lol. Oh well! It could be worse!

♡ PaNhia


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