[ ♡ ] Daily outing – 11/1 studying at the library

I spent the day studying a the library yesterday. Nothing significant happened but the library was really nice because it was newly built and I had one of the big study rooms to myself (they were first come first serve.) I was there from 12-6 until I had to go meet up with Choua at Carribou to talk and do our Friends and Family Sephora buy.

Here are some shots from my 6 hours of studying:
^the view from the huge window in my room
^digital note taking
^lecture notes
^my three bags lol
^ a cool Hmong story cloth as wall art. I love how they incorporated Hmong art into the library!

After studying I met up with Choua to do our Sephora order before the Friends & Family code expires on the 3rd. Here is our final summary!


Great discount! She got her Bangkok matte lipstick from Nars and I got my Lorac lipgloss, Sephora lipstick and Nars duo blushing bronzer! After that I went home and called it a night!

♡ PaNhia


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