[ ♡ ] Blogging Challenge – Day 15,17,18,19

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle & share the first 10 songs that play..

***updated from previous post, got my ipod back!
1.) Lloyd feat J Holiday & Nicki Minaj – Take it Off
2.)August Band – Chun lae ter
3.)Luj Yaj – Nyob ib leeg
4.)Park Shin Hye – Maldo Obshi (you’re beautiful Ost)
5.)Sirisak – Song Rao
6.)Bruno Mars – all she knows
7.)Keri Hilson – Knock you down
8.) Dirty Money feat Rick Ross – Angels remix
9.)Mary J Blige feat. Trey Songz – We got Hood Love
10.)Trina feat. Monica – Always

DAY 17: Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.
I would like to switch lives with Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She’s beautiful, ruthless and rules NY, oh and did I forget rich? And she has billionaire man who’s in love with her and he comes nicely packaged with an English accent. Also she has Dorota.

DAY 18: Plans/dreams/goals you have.
find a marketing niche
Start a magazine for asian women in the states
Work in fashion
Travel the world

DAY 19: Nicknames you have/had & how or why you have them.
Nhiapa – the girls came up with it, basically it’s the two syllables of my mine flipped
Anny – family nickname
Guy – my mom calls me this, in hmong its supposed to mean something
NongNee – other relatives call me this
Hey Beautiful – My little sister’s friends call me this and random people in the street too sometimes , I give you my permission to use this one lol!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Blogging Challenge – Day 15,17,18,19”

  1. xti says:

    “guy” means “brat” or “naughty” or something along that LOL i sometimes hear it as “mao guy” and name 5 …you wish! haha!

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