[ ♡ ] – Daily Outing – 10/26 Walmart, Ulta, JoAnn’s, Target

On Wednesday I went hunting for some things. I only really needed to go to JoAnn’s and Walmart but somehow found my way to the other stores too like I usually end up doing. I went to Walmart because I wanted to buy the Eco Tool’s makeup bag + brush set by Alicia Silverstone. My old makeup bag I showed a few posts back was clear and made of plastic and I really liked it because it was big and see through but because I put my teasing comb in there, the comb poked a hole through the side and made a tear so I had to toss it. Also, I wanted to put my brushes in a separate compartment.
Here it is, I’ll explain more in the next post:

I also found something I really want!
It’s an illuminating primer/cream by Hard Candy (the pink one!) When I saw it I was totally in love because I loved the packaging! It reminds me of Korean bb creams but I didn’t buy it because I wanted to come home and find reviews on it first. I have been looking for an illuminating primer but I haven’t found one I liked. Anyways there were no reviews on this product so I’m not going to go back for it.

I always take pictures of things I find that I want but don’t want to buy right away. Here are some from Walmart:
An anti heat bag for my heat producst!

^ a backup makeup bag in case I don’t like the eco-tools one. This one is the best of both worlds! It’s see-through but has a separate compartment for brushes! It’s just a little bit big.

Then I went to the dollar store, Ulta and then JoAnn and shot a picture of this:
I’ve noticed this trend at JoAnn’s stores. They have really primitive bathroom fixtures. This one is an old metal one that you have to roll out! Gross!

I also went to Target for eye solution and got distracted by the cute Pixi Packaging:

Well that’s all for my store adventures! Prepare for more because my phone is always snapping (quietly)

♡ PaNhia


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