[ ♡ ] Random blurbs!

So I was browsing around and found some stuff I wanted to share.

First off this funny gif from soompi at this thread credit to Darkwaltz:

It’s a very intense reaction to an everyday accident:

see how they gang up on the pole! lol!

Before I post the 2nd find, I have to write a disclaimer: I do not hate or even care to dislike Michelle Phan. I just happen to think her voice is annoying and her sense of fashion is abnormal in the bad sense. With that being said, I have watched her videos. I do not follow her because well, I just don’t care that much. I’m sure others out there love her and her advice. I’m more of a youtube watching dabbler anyways, nothing hardcore. So I found through link clicking starting at soompi that there is a whole league of anti Michelle Phans out there referring to some of their movements as Michelle Phail. I would not and probably never count myself among them but I thought it was interesting because a lot of people share my feelings about her too sweet voice. Anyways it led me to this site:


The site basically outlines in details all the discrepant claims she’s made and how she is fake, etc. I’m usually not one to be swayed with words but I left really believing a lot of it lol…anyways, nothing serious, just interesting.

And last but not least, remember how I said I used to read ROCH? When when I wrote that I had a sudden yearning to read it again and also when I read it the first time around, it wasn’t finished being translated so today, I went and found it, the whole unabridged version on SPCNet right where it used to be. I mean I assumed the translator (Noodle) would have made some dent in the story in the 8 or so years since I’ve followed it but I didn’t think it would be finished. And here it is, done!

Here is a picture of the most recent series 2006 I think

and a picture of my favorite version, the 95 Louis Koo and Carmen Lee Version

credit for both: dramawithdrawals.blogspot.com

and you can also read a synopsis at that website^

Here is the link, I promise, if you read this you’ll understand why I’m a swordsman for Halloween!
ROCH – Translated by Noodle at SPCNET

Basically what the forum does is, it takes old Wuxia novels (novels that TVB and other ancient series are based on) and translates it into english for our non-speakers and it’s really amazing because the way its translated it just like how the words would flow in the Chinese version. The descriptions of the martial arts and internal powers are so freaken cool, I could almost learn them!

I have bookmarked this and will definitely re-read it!


3 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Random blurbs!”

  1. rosie says:

    I like the Michelle PHAIL post. Very interesting.

  2. Nhiapa says:

    Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of people who don’t like her I guess…

  3. Choua says:

    Love the gif pic!!! Hilarious!

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