[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – ELF & MAC

I’ve bought a few things in the last week that I just wanted to share. First off are two holiday palletes from ELF that I got from Target for $5 a piece.

I got the Neutral pallete

And the smokey pallete (the one that Choua went to 3 Targets to find)

This is how they look inside:
The colors come on pretty well for a cheap drugstore pallete and they’re very pretty especially the neutral one. I’ve used them twice now and I’d say their pigmentation is in between covergirl and Maybellene, Maybellene being the less pigmented of the two. For five bucks they were a deal!

I also got some things from MAC on my trip to Uptown yesterday. I got a blotting powder in Medium dark and a blush in coygirl.
The blotting powder is mostly translucent and I just got it to set my makeup and blot during the day because I was getting tired of setting with my loose mineral veil which looks nice but is a pain to deal with. If this one doesn’t work out for me, I’ll go to Sephora to look for another one, my only requirement is that it’s pressed and not loose. This one was $22.

The blush is this cute sheer muavey one called Coygirl and it’s pretty cute so far. I just needed a purplish sheer blush and the ones I was looking at was already in the $13 range so I figure jumping to $18 is no big deal for the MAC one. I know I know, I’m buying more MAC lately but I promise, Sephora products are still my preferred buy.

When I was at the MAC store the SA also gave me a glimpse of the new brush sets being released this week! I originally thought I wanted the eye set but I only really want two brushes from there so I might get a face set instead next week! It was really cool, she led me behind their counters to a secret stash behind the walls, I felt like I was on a mission! Of course I know that its there to show customers who want to pre-order but it still felt like a special treat to go check it out before it’s release!

Anyways she told me something that made me cringe when she rung me up. She said she could tell we were coming in the store as we crossed the street because you can tell a MAC girl apart and in my head I was like, “oh no…I can’t be one of those…” lol! So I promise myself now that I will focus my buying and trying energies on Sephora and other brands and not MAC lol!

Anyways I also bought two pairs of Red Cherry lashes from Heartbreaker.

Well that’s all for now but you know I’m only a few days away from my next makeup purchase!

♡ PaNhia


3 Comments on “[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – ELF & MAC”

  1. Rosie says:

    I could go on a makeup shopping binge too. There’s just so many things I want. I can spend over $100 at MAC or Sephora without hesitation…

  2. Choua says:

    I finally found the smokey elf set from Xti’s Target!

  3. BeautifulPH says:

    I’m gonna go get myself the neutral elf palate now!!! good deal and my fav BROWN color!

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