[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 10/22/10 Costumes, Hmong Village & Movie night

Friday was a jam packed day! Choua came by earlier in the day because Halloween is next week so we had to make her costume. It took longer than I thought it would because her fabrics were stretch so sewing them without the serger was a pain the butt. I had to sew super slow while feeding the fabric along so that it wouldn’t pull. After some adjusting on my part, it went more smoothly and turned out very cute. We did a black tube as a liner and then a strapless silver sequined dress with a sweetheart neckline on top as her main outfit.

Picks of my look of the day!

Christi was going to meet us up so we headed to Target to look for an E.L.F. encyclopedia smokey pallete for Choua because she liked mine (review coming!) But they didn’t have it. As soon as we got there Xti called and said she was here so we picked her up from my house and drove to Hmong Village because this Friday was my movie night and the movie I had in mind was an old old movie that I didn’t have. We went in and as soon as we got there, not even on the sidewalk to go into the door, these guys hollered at us and it was the funniest thing ever! They kept trying to talk even after we continued to ignore them lol! I mean, do people usually try to pick up girls at the flea market?

Anyways the new flea market called Hmong Village is huge and extremely complicated. I wish they had maps because not only are the vendors selling a lot of the same things but the layout is just confusing and they have a lot of entrances so I always get a little disoriented but I went in with a plan and a movie in mind so it made life a little easier. We picked a movie vender near the exit and looked around and I couldn’t find it but as soon as I was going to leave, I saw it, sitting there being all sneaky, right by christi’s head! It was one of those, OMG-I’m-so-lucky-I-found-it-right-before-I-left moments! So I got it for a mere $5 because it’s one of those old Hong Kong movies dubbed in Hmong that they recently started reproducing into dvds with shitty cover art quality. It’s called “sifu tub hluas” and it translates basically to “Young Master.” It’s an old movie I saw long ago and for some reason no one has seen it but me! It’s about a father and son duo that travel to Hong Kong from the mainland to rescue their master but they got separated due to an incident involving a hired assassin. The son meets an odd family and lots of laughs ensue! It’s a really funny movie but its also kind of sad. Its on youtube, I’ll find the link if anyone wants to see it.

After I got the movie, we went to Choua’s to pick up Lomien noodles because she wanted to make them for movie night and I wanted to see her sister’s kitten but turns out the kitten is a scary cat with sharp claws so I didn’t love it. So we left to midway Target to buy ingredients and again, they didn’t have the pallete Choua wanted ( two targets so far.)

Then we went to Mai’s and watched the movie. Here are some pics!

Choua found eyeball gumballs!

After the movie, we had a long girl talk and I knocked out before 12 lol. I was so disoriented walking out of Mai’s apartment because my contacts were dry from sleeping so I was stumbling like a blind zombie. I knocked out as soon as I got home!

♡ PaNhia


One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 10/22/10 Costumes, Hmong Village & Movie night”

  1. rosie says:

    I want to see the costume you made. 🙂

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