[ ♡ ] June’s Package from Korea!

I’m so excited and happy! Last week I helped my Korean friend June edit her essay and she sent me a package! It was so sweet of her! I met June last spring when I was a buddy for the Globe Program at Carlson with June’s roommate Jessica. I told her not to get me anything but she’s so sweet she did it anyways.

So just about 20 minutes ago my dad walks in and hands me a package and goes: who do you know from Korea? And then I squealed like an actual fangirl for a few seconds. He was like: are they sending you drugs? Lol, my dad…
So I proceed to look at it and I notice it’s not any old box, it’s got a cute mouse design on it! I mean even their packaging is cute! (remember, I’m a sucker for packaging)
First there was a little notecard in an envelope sealed with a fake wax! It was so cute!
I dug further and found this:
And inside:

Everything’s just so nice and cute! I’m definitely sending her something back! P.s. This is another shot of the box!

♡ PaNhia


3 Comments on “[ ♡ ] June’s Package from Korea!”

  1. xti says:

    The packaging is super cute!

  2. So lovely! I like it! And June is super sweet, miss her! Maybe she can come to Seoul when we go there this winter, if she’s not busy, it would be nice to see her again!

  3. nhiapa says:

    yeah, help me think of what to send back! I’m going to send things she can’t find in Korea. do you remember if they had hot cheetos?

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