[ ♡ ] 22 ½ seconds of lena rapping

I drive to work every morning at 7 and so during my 20 minute ride I listen to the Dave Ryan in the Morning show and then once I get to work, I listen to them at work until 10 so I just heard this the other day but they do a bit called 22 1/2 Seconds Of Lena Rapping and its freaken hilarious! She does, well, 22 ½ seconds of rap covers from all types of rap songs, slow, fast, you name it! Its just funny because she’s this girl from Wisconsin that likes to sit at home by herself and drink wine and watch bravo but she does rap spoofs and she puts so much vigor and effort into it, I mean she’s not just saying the words, she is literately doing it like the rapper does!

Here is a link to a clip of one. I tried to find more but was only able to find two clips. She’s done some way better ones though.

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