[ ♡ ] What’s in my Purse

So I did a post on what’s inside my makeup bag, now let’s zoom out and take a look at what’s inside my everyday go-to purse. These are the things I transfer when I switch purses and I would call them all necessary but if I must really cut down then I’ll leave out my makeup and my monster bag and possibly my big wallet.

  1. cute Korean Planner from LA, look forward to an inside post!
  2. My handy dandy moleskin notebook that contains my entire life in terms of plans, notes, quotes, everything…every thought I’ve ever had in the past few months are inside this book
  3. Mini card holder where I keep my major spenders and Id
  4. My samsung reclaim in all its pink glory
  5. My coral colored obsolete wallet that I just can’t get rid of
  6. My domo bag full of emergency things like bandaids, tissue, purell, handwipes, etc. This bag was actually a bag from a few halloweens ago from Target that contained candy, again, I’m a sucker for packaging
  7. My makeup bag, I like to be able to see everything
  8. My pens in various colors to do all my observing and planning!
  9. Keys of course! the lanyard is from my spring break trip this past spring to LA

And there you have it, the contents of my bag. This is yet again another post that I’ve always wanted to do. I will also feature other peoples’ bags and their contents as soon as I stalk my friends! lol!

♡ PaNhia


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