[ ♡ ] Fanfiction Overhaul

I used to be very active in the fanfiction community, namely thai fanfictions. I actually started writing to practice for my bsts (a mn standarized test for 10th graders) but I just kept writing because I loved the rush of responses and how they shaped the outcome of my stories. But since I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less time to sit in front of a screen and more time to go out and thus, my fanfiction career slowly dissipated. I have not written anything of substance for a few years. I now keep a vault of the old stories in a forum and old data disks. If you want to read them, look forward to posts or go to:
Usagi_inc Forum

I did most of my writing at ETasia until they took it down. I have one missing fanfic that I didn’t save from that site so if anybody has a copy of “for 12 years” starring num and kob, please please let me know. In the mean time I’m doing a major overhaul of my fanfics starting with the most recent. I’m renaming most of them and changing a few characters here and there. Anyways here is a snapshot of my author bio from years and years ago at fanfictionrealm2
Here is the link to the page: Fan Fiction Realm 2

More recently (as in 2 years or so ago lol) I posted at the following two sites:

Sarnworld Forum

Spicy Forum

I’m trying to get back in the writing game, need more time and motivation! More updates soon.

♥ PaNhia

One Comment on “[ ♡ ] Fanfiction Overhaul”

  1. Choua says:

    Cool, you really should write a fanfic and try to get Thai directors to make a movie out of it. That would be super awesome!!!!

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