[ ♡ ] LPT Fanfic

I have a confession. I’m 23 and avidly read fanfics. I know, I know, it’s not normal but I started when I was 14 and haven’t gotten over it. Point is, I used to write and my friends asked me a long time ago to write a big story featuring every single one of them. Below is a sad attempt, it’s only a fragment though.

female leads:

amy – a trust fund party girl and owner of Club KAPPLE who has no problem displaying her excessive arrogance but often hides her softer, more charitable side. people think she’s just your typical in your face airhead but if they knew her best friend came from the slums they’d see she’s not all status and glam.

yangmee – Amy’s long time best friend and the exact oppposite. while amy is rich and outgoing, YM as they call her comes from a poor background and remains cold and hard to anyone other than amy. she has had trust issues since she was abandoned as a child a long time ago and it will take an extraordinary person to thaw her frozen heart. she works as amy’s head bartender in Kapple refusing to accept amy’s charity

Kay – a poor but sweet girl from the wrong side of town. ever since her parents died at the age of 11, she and her brother have taken care of eachother. when times fell hard on her best friend Melinda, she took Melinda in and together the three of them try to work hard to get out of their crappy hell hole. She is working on a degree and in the mean time has to find work to pay her way through school.

Melinda – Kay’s best friend and orphan, she now lives with Kay and her Brother working hard to pay them back for everything they’ve done for her. She’s currently a teacher in the village and wants nothing from life other than security and home.

Choua – rich society girl and sister of guy 3 with a serious case of princess syndrome. shes rich, beautiful and has no problem flaunting it in anyones or any cameras face. She can get anything she wants except for one thing—one man to be exact…and its driving her mad. she will do whatever it takes to get him with the help of her best friend and in the process maybe discover her desires are misplaced.

ph – marketing director for phalenworm records, shes worked her way up from an intern in the sales department. coming from a poor background shes still hasnt adjusted to her new status and often finds more in common with line workers than with managers. Very pretty, she has only ever been the one to chase the opposite sex once and has not bothered again after that last time. now she focuses on her work despite the daily offers to dinner.

christi – ph’s best friend and fashion designer. shes been hired through ph to design the photoconcept and concert line for one of phalenworm’s best selling artists future album and concert. she finds it disgusting that everyone in the entire world is so crazy over this one artist when she sees nothing special in him at all. she doesnt understand how anyone can be such a crazy fan and because of this butts heads with the artist all the the time.

malila – Amy’s little sister whose also the complete opposite of amy. She’s extremely shy and spends most of her time reading russian literature at home apart from the rest of the world. although she is wealthy and intelligent she is somewhat of a wall flower. for years she has harbored a secret love for one man but he never seems to notice her and even at times purposefully avoids her sweet intentions. Will she finally realize the key to getting what she wants is a major makeover?

maika – malila and amy’s step mother and wise beyond her years. although she is only a few years older than amy and percieved as a gold digger for marrying their 50 year old multibillionare father she is genuinely in love with him and concerned for the girls’ well being. doing her best to keep up appearances despite the media’s negative opinion of her, she’s working hard to show everyone her true intentions.

Guy 1 – Kay’s brother is a struggling mc raised out of the slums. He has taken care of his sister and her friend since their parents died. if only he could get his life long dream of a record deal their little family would be set for life. did i mention he’s sexy and bald? well he is. He works long and hard to find a gig to get exposure, finally landing himself in what may be the platform to the future becoming a dj and occasional mc in CLUB KAPLLE but what discovers is that the club has much more to offer than a record deal

Guy 2 – friend of Amy’s and owner of PhalenWrm Records, he visists club Kapple often to support Amy. He used to fancy himself in love with amy until he met a particular waitress in Amy’s club and has since been enamored with no other. but even with his wealth and looks, the beautiful bartender seems to be immune to him, maybe even distrusting of him.

Guy 3 – good friend of guy2, he’s the owner of multibillion dollar hotel and resort chain Kenrome and working hard to expand his father’s empire by creating more resorts. he’s a private person and lives mostly alone in his mansion with the exception of his sister and a few servents. Because he has his own trust issues he sets out to find a personal assistant to help keep his home life in order. But will the person he find end up disturbing him more than before?

Guy 4 – Renowned architect, he has made millions from his designs for resorts and hotels. Hired as head architect of Guy 3’s newest resort project in a village suburb of town, he’s planning on building the most magnificent thing he’s ever built. But what will happen when a little teacher gets in the way of his project doing the most ridiculous things to stall the removal of the village?

guy 5 – choua’s best freind and partner in crime. he’s the only one who can point chouas flaw to her face and not get slapped with a lawsuit for it. the only person she semi-listens to, he goes along with her stupid antics of getting the guy of her dreams to notice her only to realize in the process why he’s stuck with her for so long….will his true reasons reveal themselves to him? and maybe her?

guy 6 – mystery man

guy 7 – stage name is wangta and he’s phalenwrm’s best selling artist. gearing up for his next album and concert he finds himself having to work with the worlds most exasperating designer and not only that, she doesnt like him! no woman has ever disliked him or his ballads before so he sets out to make her like his music…and maybe more…

guy 8 – future senior vice president of Amy’s father’s company, he’s often percieved as a workaholic and never has time for the frivolous. Trained to take over the company since Amy’s father took him under his wing since his youth, hes focused completely on paying back the favor and even though he’s noticed the younger daughter’s attention on him, has taken it upon himself to distract himself from his growing feelings in respect for his boss.

guy 9 – although he appears only rarely in the story, he is a amy and malilas father and maikas husband. because he knew from early on that amy would not take over the family business and malila would only do it to make him happy, he took a young boy under his wing years ago and has since trained him to take over the family business even if he is an outsider. Working hard to keep the business going and to dispel the media’s negative view of his marraige to maika, he is often too busy to apear in the story lol.

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